Led by Karen Woodall and Nick Woodall


Date: Wednesday 28 June 2017
Location: 50 Liverpool Street, London EC2M 7PY
Cost: £295 plus VAT
Places: 4/10 places left

Parental alienation is the complete unjustified rejection by a child of a parent who was once loved dearly. It is a dynamic seen in a particular group of families in which there are recognisable traits which cause the the problem. In the most severe cases of parental alienation a child will completely refuse to see a parent, resisting parental encouragement, professional intervention and even orders of the court, leading many to believe that it is not possible to intervene in such cases, especially with older children.

Parental alienation is caused by a combination of factors and is not simply the actions of one parent but the actions by one, the responses of the other and the vulnerability of the child. Recognition of this allows practitioners to learn how to differentiate and respond to the problem of parental alienation in a child whilst understanding the conditions necessary to produce effective change.

The Family Separation Clinic is a specialist agency working with alienated children and their families and has significant success in delivering positive outcomes for alienated children and their families. The Clinic has been involved in a number of residence transfer cases in which the care provided for the family has assisted children to reunite with a rejected parent and rebuild relationships with both parents on an ongoing basis. The Clinic also provides interventions in which children are assisted to move from a rejecting position into being cared for by both parents.

Drawing on extensive clinical knowledge in working directly with alienated children and their families, this one day practitioner training is designed to equip the practitioner who wishes to work in this field with a first level training that is in line with international standards of intervention. The training examines the research evidence and the translation of this into UK family law and includes case studies from practice.

Delivered by Karen Woodall who leads residence transfer care at the Family Separation Clinic and Nick Woodall who works with alienated children and their families in court cases, the training also includes an introduction to their forthcoming book Understanding Parental Alienation: Learning to Cope, Helping to Heal which is in press with Charles C Thomas, Illinois.

Due to the nature of this training which is intensive and detailed only ten places are available in the UK

Suitable for: counsellors and psychotherapists, social workers, psychologists and psychiatrists.

Learning Outcomes:
1. knowledge of parental alienation in worldwide research
2. awareness of how international standards of intervention translate into a UK setting
understanding of the legal and mental health interlock in case management
3. ability to differentiate and build responses to the problem of parental alienation

Self care and protection in working in this field is an additional resource and practitioners attending will be invited to join the European Association of Parental Alienation Practitioners which is founded by the Family Separation Clinic to support recognised standards of practice in working with parental alienation across Europe.

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