Our book is now in print and you can order it directly from Charles C Thomas

Those of you who have pre-ordered copies will receive them directly and do not need to do anything else.  The book will also shortly be available on Amazon.

We are grateful to everyone for your patience in waiting for this book, which we have worked on in our spare time for the past three years.  We hope that it provides for parents, the pathways to change which put immediate power into your hands and enable you to deal with the difficulties this horrible problem brings to the lives of too many families.

We hope that practitioners will read this book and understand the counter intuitive ways  of thinking, which are necessary when working  with families affected by parental alienation.

We are grateful to our publisher, Charles C Thomas, for caring enough about families to publish this book.

And we are grateful to all of the children and parents from whom we have learned, for sharing their lives with us through such difficult times.

And to all those who we have not been able to help too –  your suffering will not be in vain.


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