Today is Mothering Sunday in the UK, that day when we celebrate our mothers.  No matter who we are or where we are, no matter whether we love our mothers or hate them, no matter whether our mothers are healthy people or not healthy people, our mothers play a hugely significant role in our lives, for all of our lives. And acknowledging that and facing and living that reality, is one of the hallmarks of our health and wellbeing throughout our lives.

All children have mothers, that is the simple truth of our lives. Even the complexities of how we get born these days (IVF, Surrogacy, etc) does not change the fact that the person who carries us into this world, is our mother.  And in that regard, that person, whether in our lives or not, plays a hugely significant role in who we are and what we do throughout the whole of our lives.

In writing this I am not dishonouring the mothers who are surrogates, the egg donors and those who selflessly give their love through adoption of children. Those women too are enormously important and today I honour them too.  Whoever, or however, mothering plays a role in our lives, it is a relationship which is important and worth honouring – even if the mother in our lives is toxic or somehow less than what we think she should be – to hide from this fact or to dismiss her, is to build up a whole barrel load of trouble for the self as the unresolved issues in that relationship drive the choices we make in our lives, throughout the whole of our lives.

As mothers, we hold the heart of the world in our hands.  In honouring our own mothers, we give and we receive, the blessing of that loving bond.  When children who are captured cannot give that to their mothers, there is an empty space.  And in that empty space where love could be, so many fears and sorrows can reside.

The heart of a mother whose child has been captured in parental alienation could be an empty heart.  But what I know of the hearts of these mothers is that they are filled with the loving warmth that belongs to their children.  I also know that the hearts of those mothers do not hold that love in vain.  That love is channelled into so many things, so much loving care for others, so much desire to heal and help those who suffer in the same way.  The heart of a mother forced to live apart from her children is not an empty space, it is filled with the love and the hope and the health of that belongs to her children but, as she waits, that love does not curdle and spoil, it is given freely away to those who might need it now.  So much in the world has been done by mothers who live apart from their children due to parental alienation and today is a day to honour that and say thank you for that selfless giving and the love that it puts out into the world.

If you are a mother who is forced to live apart from her children because of the alienation caused by your children’s father or significant other relative, know that you are not alone, you are understood and appreciated here and in so many places around the world.

As we thank mothers all around the UK, we thank you too.  For your grace, for your humanity and for the love that you hold in your hearts for your children until the day that they come home.

Let that day be soon.

Until then, Happy Mothers Day, With Love.

Alienated Mothers Retreat – Near Taunton in Somerset UK – June 11-15 2018

(pictures are from the retreat house)

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Our retreat programme for mothers is almost complete.  Working with legal experts we are bringing a full programme of intensive support together to offer mothers who are alienated from their children a four night luxury break to help you to relax, restore your self confidence and reinvigorate your interest in life.

We know that knowledge is power and so we are bringing to you the best advice and guidance on managing your own case it is possible to get in the UK.  Our legal experts are  trusted by the Family Separation Clinic and are highly successful in the cases they have managed.

We know that sharing is caring and so we are bringing to you the best health and wellbeing support we can find, to help you to learn how to take care of your physical and emotional needs during difficult times.

We know that confidence is built through being deeply understood and guided through the emotional complexities of parental alienation and we have planned a four night journey for you which supports you throughout.

Activity Taster: Mapping your journey workshop, Understanding how your child became alienated guidance, legal clinic,  coping with chronic stress lessons, yoga sessions, massage, using essential oils for concentration and calm, pilates sessions, one to one therapy sessions, healing long term sadness, mindful living guidance, nutritional guidance for stressful times and much more.

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We want you to leave our care feeling restored and invigorated, appreciated and nurtured and ready to face the world again.  We want you to feel safe and secure, rested and well when you leave.

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Come to where the heart is held in gentle hands and be with those who truly know and understand.  A place to find peace.

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Places are still available on our alienated mothers retreat which is the first of its kind in the world.  We welcome mothers, step mothers, grandmothers, aunts and sisters.

Look here for more information and to book.

Please note that we are planning an alienated dads retreat for later this year.  Details will be released shortly.