Readers might be in interested in this you tube talk.

The work done by this man (Ronald P Rohner) has led to a paper by Professor Bill Bernet and colleagues in which they investigate whether there is an objective measure of psychological splitting.

Psychological splitting is seen in severely  alienated children.

This work is so exciting because it gives us a clear indication of how a child is harmed and how to objectively measure whether a child is being harmed by psychological splitting which is  seen in severe alienation.

Along with the Adverse Childhood Experiences Research and the work of Dan Hughes on attachment and trauma, the portfolio of information which is being gathered, studied and used in trials of interventions with alienated children and families is growing fast.

As we move towards the series of conferences around the world at which these issues will be unpacked, discussed and considered, we are closer than ever to the tipping point, beyond which we show, unequivocally, that children are harmed by parental alienation.

Read.  Absorb. Consider.  So much more to come.