2018 is a year of great change in terms of consciousness raising around parental alienation.  Here is our UK contribution to global change.

Alienated Mother’s Retreat – June 11 -15 Somerset UK

Our retreat is now full and we are looking forward to a packed programme in the beautiful surroundings of the Quantock Hills.  We have a number of workshops planned including legal strategies, self representation, the coping journey and disentangling the self from abuse and shame.  Spread over four nights, this retreat is a balance of nurture and care as well as support to strengthen the self and soul.  We will share some of the learning from it later in June.

Parents Workshop Saturday July 14th

This one day workshop for parents is packed full of advice, guidance and education and develops themes in our book –  Understanding Parental Alienation: Learning to Cope, Helping to Heal (Charles C Thomas, 2017).

Conveniently located in Russell Square our workshop will unpack the detailed strategies and approaches all parents need to have at their fingertips in cases of parental alienation.  Part of the day is devoted to helping you cope with the pressures of parental alienation and to understand what to expect and how to deal with the unexpected.

This is our only UK workshop for this year with 40 places available with 15 places left.

The European Association of Parental Alienation Practitioners – London Conference

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This conference is shaping up to be the landmark conference we knew it could be. New additions to our speaker list are Dr Janine Braier from the UK who will chair day two and Dr Eric Green from the USA who is Director of the Better Options Initiative, dedicated to parenting education and support in difficult relational circumstances.

Four key debates are planned over two days with key legal and mental health people taking part.  Subjects include criminalisation of parental alienation, the child protection debate, the scientific evidence and internationally recognised standards of intervention.

The conference is the launch event of the European Association of Parental Alienation Practitioners, a new regulating membership body for everyone working in this emerging field.  EAPAP is designed to protect parents as well as practitioners by clarifying the standards of practice one should expect from anyone who is practicing in this field. In recent months, with a mushrooming of people in the UK who say they are experts in this field causing some concerns for parents,  EAPAP will provide the reassurance that a member is trained and supervised using the internationally recognised standards of practice in this field.  For practitioners, the training, supervision and certification will offer both the security and the reassurance to the outside world that their work meets the standards of practice necessary to achieve successful outcomes.  For the wider legal and mental health communities, EAPAP will provide information, education, consultancy and guidance as the awareness in the UK of this problem grows.

Tickets are on sale now and selling fast, buy now to guarantee a place.

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This is our schedule for the UK in 2018.  In addition to this we are consulting and working with the media on awareness raising and writing and influencing in several areas.  Whilst our work is taking us around the world now and we are involved in several conferences and initiatives which are raising awareness of parental alienation around the globe, our roots in London mean that we maintain our focus and interest in the UK and Europe.

We are already planning our 2019 Calendar which includes a new publication as well as information sharing via a range of media platforms.  We press on until the day that parental alienation is fully recognised as a child’s signal of distress in the post separation landscape.  We firmly believe that this time is not far away now.