As we begin the build up to the EAPAP Conference in London next month, I have something exciting to announce for parents who are affected by parental alienation on around the world.

First off a unique opportunity to work with two therapists who share a great deal in common in both practice and thinking about parental alienation.

Bringing Children Home in Heart and Mind – A  Workshop with Linda Gottlieb & Karen Woodall – August 30th 2018

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This unique opportunity is for all alienated parents who attend the EAPAP conference and is being delivered free of charge as a special thanks to those who support our vision for developing EAPAP.

Linda Gottlieb is a family therapist who was trained and supervised by the father of Family Therapy – Salvador Minuchin.  Linda is a world renowned expert in the field of parental alienation and has written extensively on the subject.

I am honoured to be collaborating with Linda to deliver this one off workshop in which we will explore the way in which parents can shift their mindset into the right gear to bring children home.

To be part of this workshop all you have to do is book for the two day conference and register your interest for the workshop at the same time.

To do so, email us at

Supporting Parents in Australia: Workshops with Karen & Nick Woodall in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane

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In October we will be travelling to Australia and Tasmania for the ‘Family Violence – Lost in the Fog’ Conference in Hobart Tasmania, where we will be presenting alongside Demosthenes Lorandes, an international expert in the field of parental alienation and a leading member of the Parental Alienation Study Group.

During our trip to Australia we will be delivering training for professionals who attend the conference (announcement coming soon) and we will also deliver three full day workshops for parents as follows -(press on the link to go through to booking)

Workshops for Parents

The workshops will feature the core concepts of self management of parental alienation cases which are in our book and will focus upon understanding, coping and healing.  Throughout the day we take you through the strategies which help you to deeply understand your own situation and how it arose in your family and what you can and cannot do to resolve it.  By working on identifying those things which can be done you focus your energy and by knowing what is impossible, you do not waste time.  By learning how to cope over the longer term, you grow stronger and in understanding why this is necessary, you build resilience.

Packed with case studies from our practice and evidence based learning to take away and use, our workshops are full of discussion, experiential learning and, strangely enough, laughter.  By working with others who understand the problem, parents tell us they grow stronger and by being able to laugh together, some of the built up tension from living with this horrible problem, dissipates.

We love working with alienated parents, it is our core focus because we know that keeping you strong and healthy is what provides for your children, the safe platform to stand on when they come home.  And helping your children to find their way home is what we are all about.

We are looking forward to working in Australia and joining with the University of Tasmania and EMMMF to share our knowledge and learning on the other side of the world.

Last Call for UK Parents Workshop – July 14 2018 – Central London

We have a handful of places left on our workshop in central London this weekend. Our training venue is two stops away from Kings Cross. if you would like to join us, email for last minute booking – please flag your email URGENT WORKSHOP BOOKING

Please Note

Linda Gottlieb will be speaking about her work and her reunification programme ‘Turning Points for Families‘ on  Day Two of the EAPAP Conference in central London on August 30/31.

Professionals tickets for the EAPAP Conference can be purchased here.