Our workshop in London in December has almost sold out and so in response to the call for more workshops across the UK I am pleased to announce three further dates in early 2019.

These workshops are new in that they are limited places and focused upon developing strategies for coping, healing and parenting your children over the longer term.  Prior to each workshop, you will be invited to submit to us a portfolio of information about your case which will allow us to match you to others in the group.  This will enable us to focus our input on the day to where you are on the journey through the divorce and separation landscape and work with you to best effect.


People get a great deal from our workshops as we aim to pack as much in as we possibly can during each delivery.  In these new, specialist workshops, with limited numbers, we are going to really focus on personalising the support we give you as much as possible within a workshop format*.

Topics covered

  • Understanding parental alienation in context
  • Understanding pathological splitting and its impact on your child
  • Understanding your child’s route into alienation
  • Communicating with your alienated child
  • Reaching the healthy child within
  • Restoring the relationship with your healthy self
  • Connecting with the needs of your alienated child
  • Becoming a therapeutic parent to your child
  • Avoiding the trips and traps of alienation
  • Finding the right kind of help for your journey

We have two new UK dates for you to choose from.

Manchester – March 15th  2019

Edinburgh – March 22nd  2019

Places are strictly limited to 15 per workshop.

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*Please remember that this is a workshop format not a one to one consultation and that you will be expected to work with others during the seven to eight hours we are working with you.  We try to make as much available to you as possible during our time with you but there is a limit to this and we want you to be aware that this workshop is a support step on your journey, it is there to give you additional knowledge and skill but it is not a replacement for the specialist legal and mental health interventions many such cases require to resolve them.

We will also be announcing workshops for parents in Europe (Croatia, Belgium, Holland, Germany and the Nordic countries with our partners for spring 2019