We are coming close to the holiday season in the USA and for us in the UK the Christmas lights and sounds already begin to permeate the dark November nights.

In my work with families across the world I experience so much of the suffering which the cruel phenomenon of parental alienation causes.  Sometimes I see it so up close and personal I am stunned by the terrorism of the heart which it causes.

And at other times, when the channels are unblocked and the relational flow is underway again, I see that all of this work we are doing is in the service of love and the essential and enduring nature of the familial relationships which make us who we are.

In the service of love I see so much shame, so much terror and so much pain caused by alienation.

Healing that and allowing the love to flow back in is what our work is all about.

And when it happens – this is the feeling which comes.  A feeling which you all deserve.



For every parent and grandparent, family member and friend who is having to endure the pain of separation from a child who has gone missing in your life.

I send my love, my support and my commitment to work to bring greater awareness and resolution to the suffering you endure.

So that you too can dance in the flow again and sleep soundly at night knowing your loved ones are safe.

As we roll around again to holiday season, know that we are here, working night and day to make things change for as many as possible, as quickly as possible.

You are not alone.