Meeting of the Board of the European Association of Parental Alienation Practitioners: Switzerland 2019

The Board of the European Association of Parental Alienation Practitioners met in St Moritz this week. On the agenda were the principles and protocols of practice with families affected by parental alienation which will provide standardisation in delivery of interventions in all European member countries.  Also on the agenda was the third international conference of EAPAP which will be held in Zagreb in June 2020 (more details shortly).

The first newsletter of EAPAP can be viewed by pressing the image below. The second newsletter, containing all of the information about work which has been done over 2018/19, will be available shortly on the EAPAP website.

Screenshot 2019-08-03 at 09.59.15

The purpose of EAPAP is to prove standards, ethical guidelines, training and support to practitioners who work with families affected by parental alienation across Europe. The Board agreed that Israel will be included in EAPAP as practitioners in the country are keen to work with EAPAP.

Whilst the work being done in EAPAP is intended for European countries, the models of practice and ethical guidelines will be available as templates for other countries in the world who may seek to provide standards for practitioners in order to increase and support a stronger workforce with families affected by parental alienation.

Practitioners have collectively given hundreds of hours of unpaid work to develop the European Association of Parental Alienation Practitioners and we thank Wilfred Von Boch-Galhau for his kindness in hosting the Board members for the three days of work undertaken this week.

More details on the third EAPAP conference in Zagreb Croatia, which will focus upon practice with families which is informed by international research will be available shortly.

The mission statement and strategic plan of EAPAP will also available to view on the website shortly.



  1. Lost time with you, my child.
    Once, you were mine.
    Until the crime of Parental Alienation came upon you and me.
    Poison feeding your young mind.
    So that you can’t find me,your parent.
    Words put into you brain to drain your love for me.
    Lost time with you, my child is a crime.
    How can I find you again?


  2. For those, like myself, whose alienated parent had died decades before there was
    any dialogue about PAS, I derive comfort from these words from Rumi :

    “Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field.
    I’ll meet you there”

    For me, that field is the space in which the memory of the lived relationship
    with my parent exists, quite free of any intrusive thoughts that the other parent
    had installed.


  3. I don’t know with what disdain you might hold me
    Nor walls you have constructed between us just so that you can live in that other world
    I cannot blame you for protecting yourself
    Nor proclaiming an identity befitting of one from the right side
    I send you my love
    I wait but not for too long I hope
    My tentacles I spread in good faith willing that the ease with which I reside in this world, a temporary existence, will reach you, and touch your gentle heart
    In time enough to save you


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