The work of the Family Separation Clinic has always been about the wellbeing of children in divorce and separation.  Our work in this field spans over two decades now and throughout that time we have continuously put our focus on how to help children in the post separation landscape.

This year we continue our focus on treatment of the problems facing children and their families throughout divorce and separation as well as our work with colleagues around the world to build standards of practice in reunification and repair work.

Our clinical training is delivered around the world to professionals and contributes to the development of the European Association of Parental Alienation Practitioners.

Our clinical practice with families is delivered in the UK and around the world either face to face or by Skype.  Now we are expanding our available services to deliver to you an online course with additional bolt on support if required for all families affected by a child’s use of the defence of psychological splitting.

Foundations of our knowledge

In our clinical practice we have discovered a wealth of information about what is happening to children who are alienated.  We understand for example, that the alienation they experience is from their own selves first and then from the parent they ‘choose’ to reject.  We also understand that the threat of abandonment that the child receives from the parent who is causing the problem, is what causes the alignment and rejection pattern of behaviour seen and that the defence which is created by this is what causes the behaviours seen in parental alienation. This understanding enables us to build therapeutic routes to treatment which can be delivered not only by practitioners but by parents themselves making into a reality the knowledge that the best therapist for the alienated child is the parent they have rejected.

New Online Course for Parents

Our new online course for parents follows on from our Therapeutic Parenting Workshops and is based upon our new book entitled Therapeutic Parenting for Alienated Children which accompanies the course.

Divided into ten online modules, this course gives you access to information, guidance and  practice via videos and podcasts which develops your skills and builds your confidence in knowing how to (re) parent your alienated child effectively.

This course will help you whatever the age of your child, it will prepare you to understand your child’s behaviours across the whole spectrum of alienation from onset to recovery and what to expect when children come home.  For those whose children are in the midst of the alienation reaction, this course helps you to keep your identity as their parent strong and helps you to understand how to keep flagging to your children that you are still here.

What you will learn

Therapeutic parenting was developed for the adoption and fostering community to assist parents caring for traumatised children.  We have utilised the principles of therapeutic parenting and combined them with the protocols of working with children who are suffering from induced psychological splitting to provide a unique approach to helping your child to recover.

In our work with alienated children over the years, we have noticed that many come from backgrounds where their attachment has been interrupted and they have experienced emotional and psychological abuse.

Working with the principles of therapeutic parenting, treating alienated children with attachment focused interventions, we have assisted many formerly rejected parents to receive their children into their care and provide for them the stable and consistent frameworks which speed up recovery and allow these children to return to normal health. In doing so we have trained formerly rejected parents to become the very best therapist for their child, enabling love and attachment to flow back into the lives of families affected by a child’s induced psychological splitting which is also known as alienation.

Becoming a therapeutic parent

Teaching you how to be a therapeutic parent means helping you to become one. Therapeutic parenting is described by many as a way of life and we have found that using the core skills involved, life becomes easier to manage for you and your child. Deep loving bonds can be released again through attachment focused responding. Knowing your own history and your own experience of being parented means that you can restore the flow of attachment and love more quickly with your once rejecting child.

Modules covered

One               Introduction to therapeutic thinking

Two              Understanding an alienation reaction

Three          Principles of Therapeutic Parenting

Four            Protocols of Reunification Work with Alienated Children

 Five            Understanding Induced Psychological Splitting

 Six              Understanding your own inner child

Seven         (Re) Parenting your alienated child – the tasks of recovery

Eight          The Neuroscience – you and your recovering child

Nine           Routines, Rhythms and Repair

Ten.            Rebuilding Hierarchies

For parents who would like additional help, a bolt on option of therapeutic parenting support and guidance is available.  This is suitable for anyone who is receiving their child into their care after residence transfer or a court decision anywhere in the world, it is also suitable for parents whose children are spontaneously reconnecting.

This initiative is part of our project to disseminate knowledge about how to help alienated children. Part of all of the income generated by this work is channelled back into our research as well as into providing low cost services for families around the world.

This course and the therapeutic parenting support and guidance  will be available by March 31st 2020.  To register your interest please click here