Statement on Stalking and Harassment


Dear Readers,

In recent years, I have been the subject of online denigration and personal and professional attack from some areas of the internet. This is something which has led to  threats being left on this blog and to commentary which at times is defamatory.  This is something that we largely ignore as it does not impact upon our work with families; we regard it as being part of the job.

Since 2017, however, we have also been subject to a campaign of serious stalking and harassment by a woman living in Dulwich in London who has created a grossly defamatory website about our work with the UK Government ten years ago. Many people appear on this website but it contains more than 40 articles about myself and Nick,  which are malicious,  false and grossly defamatory.  These are now being posted on Twitter in an escalating campaign to deliberately harm our personal and professional reputations.

In the years I have worked in this field, readers will be aware that I have consistently and carefully documented, on this blog, our understanding of why children in divorce and separation suffer alienation.  I have also recorded my own personal journey through this understanding and I have shared my thoughts and experience of how this problem suffered by children, can be treated.  This writing, which many around the world have written to share their appreciation of, has been used by this person to create a false, spiteful and grossly defamatory depiction of me in particular. This is a deliberate campaign which is an attempt to cause our work serious harm.

The website and Twitter account, has recently been reposted by a small number of other people,  with incitement and commentary which is, in itself, an act of defamation and harassment.  Our lawyers are addressing this with the individuals concerned.

We take our work seriously and the progress which has been made in moving the understanding of this problem from the parental rights arena to where it properly belongs, in children’s mental health, has been strong.  The backlash against this, however, is now underway and this website and Twitter account appear to have now become focussed on the concept of parental alienation as well as our work.  This person is now promoting the idea that my work in particular,  is about moving children from innocent mothers to abusive fathers.

At the Family Separation Clinic, we work with as many alienated mothers as fathers. This  is not a gender issue and moving children from abusive fathers to their mothers in the family courts, is something I have undertaken several times under court order. This is necessary because a case of a child who is alienated by a father against a mother, is about more than domestic violence by proxy, it is about the defence in the child which is commonly referred to as parental alienation.

We do not wish to see progress in raising this awareness of how children are being alienated in divorce and separation and why it is harmful to their wellbeing to leave them without intervention, being derailed because of personal and professional attacks of this nature.  We want to keep writing, researching and treating families affected by this problem around the world and we will.

But we also need to take care of ourselves and our family by ensuring that this kind of serious stalking and harassment is stopped and to that end our lawyers are instructed to deal with this matter robustly.

Having endured an enormous amount of deliberate denigration on the internet over recent years, it has reached a point where we have to say enough.  Criticism is legitimate, but deliberate stalking, harassment  and planned attempts to cause maximum harm by spreading malicious falsehoods can not be allowed to go unchallenged.

This matter has been under investigation by the police and is in the hands of our lawyers who are taking all steps to ensure that this is properly and fully dealt with.

Thank you for your understanding.

Karen Woodall


Legal Statement – Karen Woodall and Nick Woodall – Family Separation Clinic, 50 Liverpool Street, London EC2M 7PY

For a period of time we have been the subjects of a false and grossly defamatory campaign which has been pursued against us. The sustained targeting and malicious posts have appeared on a website and recently on a twitter account and have caused us alarm and concern for our safety.

More than 40 articles and posts have appeared some of which are posted within a few minutes or days of each other. These have been posted by the same person as they are drafted in a similar style with similar subject matter.

We have instructed lawyers in this matter. In the meantime we reserve the right to apply for an Interim Injunction restraining the publication of the words complained of on both the Website and the Twitter Account above at Court 37 (The Interim Applications Court of the Queen’s Bench Division) in the event that the statements identified are not removed within 7 days.


10 thoughts on “Statement on Stalking and Harassment

  1. I am sorry to hear that you and Nick have been subjected to such awful verbal attacks via the medium of ‘social media’ – do not allow vile people to even enter your thoughts. Please keep up the great work you are doing. I for one am grateful and appreciate your sterling work in what is an emotive subject. Wishing you every happiness and continued success.


  2. I am so sorry to hear this.Your work is so valuable and needed.I sencirley hope the police are able to get to the bottom of the problem.Thank you.Sue Lyall-Watson.


  3. Karen, whatever you do, don’t give up. When I found your blog my eyes opened. I thought I was going literally mad. Nothing I was living made any sense. Then I started reading your blog and everything came into focus. It wasn’t me, it was him. JUST DON’T GIVE UP! I truly don’t know why other human beings can be so determined and blinkered as to refuse fair debate and instead try to destroy the work of others in such a way. They shout so loud to deny what (I know) is the truth that it makes me wonder how abusive they themselves were/are ……… (ref: “The backlash against this, however, is now underway and this website and Twitter account appear to have now become focussed on the concept of parental alienation as well as our work with the promotion of the idea that our work is about moving children from innocent mothers to abusive fathers”.) Sending you my best wishes.

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  4. Whilst I don’t know the personal circumstances of this woman, its more than besmirching your professional and personal identity, its taking the ‘discussion’ to a psychological and subconscious precipice.
    Having experienced first hand the polarized setting which surround Parental Alienation, this adversarial environment between professional and estranged spouses / partners unfortunately only leads to ‘winners and losers’.
    This is hardly a consolation, but the more impactful and meaningful work that you do, leads to people having this mindset.
    A very wise and pioneering woman (you Karen) told me to keep my head, whilst those around me lose theirs…………
    Whilst opinions and discussions should be forthcoming, when it gets personal and formal, unfortunately the only option is to involve lawyers.
    I hope the matter gets dealt with accordingly and properly.
    Keep doing this work Karen, its ground breaking and it is allowing kids of today to stop this nonsense when they become parents of tomorrow.


  5. Your work and published articles continue to be a source of hope and information, very much part of the balance in maintaining the strength to endure being targeted and experiencing the effects of alienation evident in my child’s mental health on an ongoing basis.
    Thank you for the work you do, and I hope to have the opportunity to work with you in future.


  6. So very sorry to hear this… Some parents in PA situations will do anything to denigrate (or bully!) those who do not agree with their entrenched line of thinking; and do their utmost to derail any kind of professional intervention. Please try not to be too disheartened Karen and Nick – extreme lose cannons like this woman are thankfully in the minority and we need people like you to stand up to them.


  7. Erin Pizzey dared to speak the truth in a similar non-gendered fashion.

    Be strong and be safe. The children and their parents need you.


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  8. Karen this clearly is some very twisted and demented “human” . One who I would suggest is quite aware that all the incredible work you do, and write , highlights abusers like they are no doubt are on of themselves.
    Would love to meet them and the others who alienate, and assist, in a very dark alley.


  9. The meaning and relevance of “stalking” was seen in a different context for me.
    I was accused of “stalking”, by my own eleven-year-old daughter. My Ex had a thing about men hanging around children’s playgrounds and that is exactly what I was doing.

    So, I suppose she had a point.

    (Although it seemed a bit of a cheap shot to suggest that someone whom she had described for the previous ten years as a good father should now be a “stalker” simply because he was no longer in her favour)
    I had to explain myself to the Cafcass officer (social worker) who came to visit. I told it like it was.
    The reason I hung around the playpark after school was so that I could see my kids and play with them, let them know I was still a father to them and how I fully intended to continue my role.
    At that time, I was fighting for a 50:50 split of “shared parenting” in Court and was adamant that my parenting role should be given equal credibility.
    And I wasn’t there just to see my kids, it was also to demonstrate to other adults that my fatherhood credentials should not be underestimated.
    Although my daughter tended to avoid me (fathers can be an embarrassment in theses situations), my son was less encumbered and would have me play in defence of goal whilst he hotly pursued a win for us, upfield.
    Sometimes other fathers would turn up and join in, which was great for me because it established and re-affirmed my fatherhood credentials within the community. (There is nothing quite like “doing” to convince, persuade, establish and enforce).
    So, there I was riding the storm, and there were many more storms brewing in the other parent’s mind, but I was beginning the journey of role retention and refusal to have my credibility undermined.
    What has happened to my Ex who accused me of “stalking”? She still lives in what used to be our house, the kids have grown up and left home. She is much the same person that she was, in so far as I know. She relates well to the children but won’t speak to me. Am I a “stalker”? Who knows? Who cares? The danger has passed. Is she forgiven? Yes.
    There are two obvious ways of looking at this that might explain the behaviour of Mum.
    1 She feels her Ex has changed from being a formerly loving and caring dependable parent into a depraved, malicious, self-righteous, bitter, scheming, vengeful, narcissistic psychopath.
    2 She is scared and traumatised by events and worried that the kids might see Dad as a better option for a parent.
    At any rate she is not keen that the kids spend too much time with their Dad, and she is wary of what he might be saying to them.
    And so, she creates the “stalker” story for her eleven-year-old daughter to contemplate, and it is not without gravitas, isn’t that the very same scenario they have been teaching in school; “stranger danger”.
    Except Dad isn’t a stranger; well not yet.
    So, the reason I forgive my Ex is because I know she didn’t believe I was a “stalker” of my own children, it was just that she was scared and frightened and felt threatened, perhaps guilty, who knows?

    She was reacting to a difficult situation, influencing the children to divide their loyalties, and she won’t be the last to act in such a way.
    I feel sure she is struggling with her “inner voices” like I have done too, and it is no mean task to overcome them and restore faith and trust in oneself.


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