Children who are suffering from induced psychological splitting in the post divorce and separation landscape are today given signals all over the world that their families love them.

The bubbles blown, around the globe, carry the hope of their parents and grandparents, their wider family and friends, that their children know that they are there, waiting for them to return.

Parental Alienation Awareness day is today and whilst the world is locked down against Covid 19, those who have been in lock down from their children for days, weeks, months and too many years, remember their children, still living.

It is nothing short of tragic that these children, who suffer a recognised defence mechanism but who do not get the help they need, remain unrecognised.

Children are the people who carry the ultimate punishment for the adult failures to address the conditions which allow alienation after divorce and separation to flourish.

Men and women meet, they have children, they part.  Those children should not be forced to live with the negative outcomes of that. And yet they are. And in the extremity of that, those children are left with a lifetime of dealing with defensive splitting, which separates them from their healthy selves and which causes them to have to adapt their behaviours for decades, sometimes forever.

This isn’t just about the loss of a relationship with a parent, this isn’t just about parental experiences, this isn’t about adults using theories to continue to abuse each other, it isn’t about ideology, it isn’t about women’s rights or men’s rights or anyone’s rights at all.

This is about children’s lives. Their childhoods. The very building blocks of their existence.

This is about child abuse, hidden in plain sight, argued and fought over by ideologues in order to fog the issue and cause everyone to look in the other direction.

The only antidote to that is love.  And love is at the heart of hope.

And hope keeps us going in the direction of a cure for this ghastly problem which plagues the landscape of divorce and separation.

At the heart of hope is love.

Love is the right of all children everywhere.

Who are, after all, the future of this world.