The Havening Seminar which ran yesterday was attended by parents and practitioners from all over the world including Mexico, Israel, the USA, Holland, Belgium Sweden, Germany, Canada, Republic of Ireland, Finland, Iceland and the UK. Delivered by Elyse Killoran, this seminar delivered a treatment which is demonstrably effective in treating trauma.

What participants said

One of the most obvious benefits is that being able to self-regulate our emotional well-being helps us to behave and think more rationally and hence behave in more constructive ways and with greater self-assurance/confidence………..which isn’t a bad thing at all!

I sense that this is an important turning point in the construction/actualisation of new psychotherapy.  I know that the process is important like many similar mind body processes designed to reparent and calm the traumatised and stressed mind body but so important the way it is expressed by Elyse and yourself.  There is no doubt in my mind that you and Elyse come from a position of love as this is what I experienced.

Thank you for this seminar, it has made me realise that I can do something to help myself, it has made me realise that I became entangled in something that has caused me to suffer and that in trying to cope I have entangled myself more. I feel strongly now that I can move on and begin to heal.

You have been able to bring trauma healing to a group of people who have suffered greatly and you have done this with great care and attention to our needs. Thank you.

I want to thank Elyse for her time, given freely and with love, her committment to this work is clear and her warm and containing delivery was a joy to share. We will be announcing a regular group for those who wish to join very soon. We are working on a treatment path which includes Havening work with all members of the family affected by a child’s rejection of a parent and evaluating the impact of that.

The seminar was delivered as part of the Lighthouse Project on the gift economy principle where participants chose how much to pay to join. Income from the seminar was donated by Elyse to the Lighthouse Project and will be used to fund further low cost services over the coming months.

We will open bookings for a regular group soon and will share news of how therapists in this field can learn more about training to use the Havening approach with Elyse.

Working with Relational Trauma in Divorce and Separation

A Clinical Seminar on Zoom

November 10 2020 at 16:00 London time

What does working with a child who rejects a parent actually look like? What are the clinical issues which are seen and how do psychotherapists understand the issue of alienation of a child? Amidst the arguments about what alienation is and how it is differentiated from estrangement, leading psychotherapists from six countries will join together to discuss the issues which arise in doing this work. Topics such as recognising attachment disruption, the impact of early developmental trauma on a child, the experience of divorce and separation for children and identification of relational trauma in parents, will be explored in this two hour seminar.

Reunification work will be discussed within the context of understanding alienation of a child as significant emotional and psychological harm and the concept of non accidental injury to the mind will be considered within an exploration of alienation as an act of child abuse.

Setting this discussion within the landscape of six different cultures, means that the differences in legal frameworks can be explored as we examine the Court as ‘super parent’ in these cases. Looking at the ways in which families have reached the outer edges of their capacity to manage the problems alone, considerations of the mental health interventions necessary to protect children will be central to this seminar.

Finally the practice standards necessary to deliver this work successfully and the need for practitioner protection from efforts to do harm to the reputation of those who do this work, will provide a road map for future work in this evolving field.

Featuring Psychotherapists from Six CountriesBenny Bailey from Israel, Joan Long from the Republic of Ireland, Claire Francica from Malta, Bruna Profaca from Croatia, Kelley Baker from the USA and Karen Woodall from the UK.

Karen and Nick Woodall
Karen and Nick Woodall
Karen and Nick Woodall

Chaired by Karen Woodall from the Family Separation Clinic, this seminar is free of charge via the Lighthouse Project.

Book by emailing giving your name and email address for the zoom link to be sent to you.