The Lighthouse Project is my name for the support and services we offer to families which are freee of charge or at low cost. Whilst this project is in the early days of development, I am keen to give as much time to supporting and promoting it as possible.

Whilst I now work in private practice, my roots are in self help and mutual endeavour. Whilst I have always been very cautious about promoting self help within the field of alienation, largely because I have seen the way that online groups can drive people into the most negative behaviours rather than supporting their wellbeing, I know that a group which listens, cares and provides safety, is a valuable resource for alienated parents.

I really pleased therefore, to support one of my blog readers (Erica), to launch a self help group, by sharing with you a questionaire which will help her to understand what mutual need and interest there is out there. Here’s Erica

Ever since I found a name for what has been done to me and my son, about two years ago, I have wanted to find a support group for parents who are enduring the same thing. Of course the details of our stories are different, but the core issues, indignities, and traumas are strikingly similar. No matter how many supportive friends and family members we may have, it is impossible for them to fully grasp what we are going through. Karen’s blog has been so essential in my ongoing healing process, but I still crave the empathy and camaraderie of other like-minded alienated parents. If you are also searching for something similar, please fill out this brief questionnaire and I will be in touch to schedule our first meeting. Questionnaire link
The idea of this group is to support one another in the journey to rebuild our lives after the loss and after the legal battle, and at the same time to keep the focus on our children, even if we do not have any contact with them or if the contact is extremely painful. Two of the main issues I’m struggling with are maintaining healthy (for me) contact with my son as well as self-imposed isolation from friends and family due to extreme shame and guilt. This is just a starting point, but I believe we will find that many of our struggles are shared. 
It is very important to note that this group is expressly NOT a place to vent about our exes or to offer or speculate about any legal advice. The group is open to mothers and fathers and to alienated parents in any part of the world. We are going to focus on creating happy, healthy lives for ourselves and on healthy, loving parenting against all odds. I look forward to hearing from you.


Wishing Erica and everyone who joins with her, success in this project, when parents come together and support each other, life gets just a little bit easier. Self help can change your world.