Therapeutic Parenting for alienated children: A Zoom seminar with karen woodall

karen woodall

Therapeutic Parenting for Alienated Children – What it is, why it matters, how it helps – 24th March 2021

What is Therapeutic Parenting?

Therapeutic parenting is a high nurture, attuned style of parenting which assists children who have suffered early developmental trauma, to build healthy attachments.

Why does it matter for alienated children?

Alienated children are more likely to have suffered early attachment trauma and, even in circumstances where this is not the case, they are likely to be suffering from attachment disruption caused by the experience of being alienated from a parent.

Anyone who is parenting an alienated child, must be aware of the ways in which this impacts upon the child’s behaviours, responses to adult relationships and different living arrangements.

How does it help?

Alienated children require that their experience and behavioural patterns are deeply understood and responded to in ways that help them to heal. Adapting parenting styles when your children are demonstrating signs of alienation, is a crucial strategy to support their resilience and recovery.

Who is this seminar for?

Parents and carers of children who demonstrate the alignment and rejection behaviours which are typically seen when a child becomes alienated.

This seminar will also help practitioners who wish to understand how to respond to the needs of alienated children, using techniques which are based upon internal family systems therapy and therapeutic parenting.

Date: March 24th 2021 @ 4pm GMT

Duration: 2 hours with 30 minutes Q&A with Karen Woodall

Cost £40 for 1 month’s unlimited access

Book Here

5 thoughts on “Therapeutic Parenting for alienated children: A Zoom seminar with karen woodall

  1. I chose 4 payments for therapeutic parenting. Then it charged my card for $57 plus us dollars. Pls credit the $57 plus back to mt credict card asap. Thank you


    1. I think you must have chosen this via the paypal option Jean and it hasn’t applied it. Your payment has just been refunded in full. Kind Regards Karen


  2. Hello! My adult children, ages 36 and 32, have been alienated for nearly 20 years.I thought when they had children of their own, they would better understand the undying and unconditional love of a parent. This does not appear to be the case do you think there would be anything of value for me in the March 24 workshop? Thank you.


    1. Hi Kathy, I think you would probably find more useful information in the Reconnections Seminar which is about recovering older and adult alienated children, the link to that will be live shortly and you can purchase a month’s unlimited access for £40. I will announce it as soon as it is ready. K


  3. Dear Karen,
    I’ve found and have listened to your message and it couldn’t have been more ‘spot on’; reassuring and refreshing, thank you.
    It has been 8yrs now that my daughter has been Alienated from me and from the rest of her family.
    Listening to your message has confirmed that my efforts are right on track, and are lighting the way.
    Bless you for your compassion, heart and loving spirit that is reaching out to so many, like me.
    Parental Alienation definitely Is an everlasting Worldwide Plague of it’s own.💙💚💝


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