In September, I will be delivering a very special podcast about the recovery journey of the alienated child. Joining me to illuminate this journey, is a parent of a child who is now of age, who was moved in residence transfer in the UK Family Courts. This parent and child are participating in the evaluation which is currently being undertaken of FSC services and have agreed to share their experiences, in order to help others to understand the reality of this process.

Against the backdrop of increasing ideological efforts to mischaracterise what is happening when children reject a parent after divorce and separation, hearing directly from these families provides an essential view of what is really going on when children are seen to be hyper aligned with one parent and contemptous and disdainful towards the other. We will hear from this parent, the realities of the serious emotional and psychological harm done to the child which was the reason for the removal and the long journey of recovery to bring the child back to full health.

This podcast will be accessible free of charge here and I will post details of the date it will be available shortly.

Understanding Induced Psychological Splitting – A Depth Approach to Helping Alienated Children

June 28th

We have been overwhelmed with bookings for this seminar, many of which have been from parents in Australia. In recognition of the fact that Australian parents would need to wait up until the late hours to watch the webinar, we have decided to record it on the 28th and then send the link to participants to watch it in their own time. The link will be active for a month.

As an additional extra, we have planned a follow up live Q&A for July 6th, where anyone who has booked for the webinar can send in a question and I will endeavour to respond to as many of those as possible. This Q&A is free of charge. Booking for the webinar will remain open until July 5th and all details of the Q&A will be sent on booking. You can book here.

IAPAC (Formerly EAPAP) News

News about the fourth conference of senior clinicians working with children and families affected by induced psychological splitting, will be held in Israel in 2022 and will feature the work being done to protect children of divorce and separation, in sixteen countries around the world. More news here soon.

The Family Separation Clinic in London

This week I returned to working face to face with families at the Clinic in Wimpole Street in London. Throughout the pandemic, I have sporadically been working with families face to face where it has been possible, however much of the work we have been doing has been online. It was therefore a real pleasure to be able to go back to clinical work on a face to face basis

The Clinic is however, over stretched right now and unable to take on any work which is not agreed ahead of time. Unfortunately with very low service provision in this area, parents are having to wait for long periods before work can begin. This is not what we want for families and children who are suffering the problems seen when a child rejects a parent. We are a small team and rather than build a bigger team, we have chosen to train others to understand and work with the issues, meaning that over time, more practitioners doing this work will be available.

This is why the university evaluation of FSC services over the past ten years is an important step, the evidence of outcomes which are provided by this, will support the development of accredited training for social workers, psychologists, psychiatrists and legal people who wish to understand and work with the problem. In 2022 a formalised and evaluated model of work, which provides the evidence base for why it is essential to intervene, what intervention looks like and the outcomes this provides for children and families, will be available. We are writing the handbook for practitioners now. When all of this is complete, a model of work which can be used by any practitioner seeking to bring about change for children affected by induced psychological splitting, will be available, meaning that service provision will grow.

Evidence based, accredited training in the FSC model will become available over the coming months, details will be posted here and on the FSC website as soon as it is ready.