Please note that this seminar is a fund raiser for the Salvation Army’s work with those affected by homelessness and people trafficking. (see details below)

Online Seminar -26.5.2022 @ 17:00 UK Time

In this seminar Karen Woodall will share her understanding of the power that rejected parents hold in assisting their children to recover from induced psychological splitting, the underlying problem which is seen when children align with one parent and reject the other after divorce and separation.

Psychological splitting is a primitive defence mechanism, which arises in some children of divorce and separation and which causes them to align strongly with one parent and reject the other. The onset of psychological splitting in a child of divorce, often heralds a period of time in which the whole family is affected by the impact of the child’s split state of mind and can be confusing and terrifying, especially if it is accompanied by allegations of abuse against the rejected parent.

Working from a base of successful interventions with families affected by this behaviour in a child, Karen Woodall will introduce you to the testimony of a parent and his now adult child, who were reunited by the work of the Family Separation Clinic six years ago. The testimony of this parent and child provide compelling evidence of the power of rejected parents when they are enabled to provide therapeutic healing care for their children.

Discussing the need for consistent routine and understanding of the rhythm of healing for alienated children, this parent and child offer hope for all parents who are forced into the position of being rejected, due to a child being induced to use psychological splitting as a defence.

What you will learn

How alienation happens to children and why

Why parents are rejected when children use psychological splitting as a defence

What happens when children resolve the psychologically split state of mind

How therapeutic parenting can help alienated children

What happens to alienated children when they reunite with the rejected parent

26 May 2022, 17:00 – 19:00 UK time
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Fundraising Details

The Power of the Rejected Parent to Help and Heal seminar will contribute to Nick’s fundraising efforts and help raise money for the Salvation Army’s vital work with homeless people and the victims of human trafficking. You can find out more about the Salvation Army’s work, and Nick’s climb of Mount Toubkal, here:

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