20th December – 19:00-21:00 – a Special Christmas Circle focused on the needs of rejected parents – Cost £20 per person (family members can join for the cost of one place).

Listening Circles have proven to be very popular with parents around the world and have been spaces in which much love and care is shared amongst those who join us. This circle, like all others, will begin with a short input from me but will then expand outwards to welcome in the experience and expertise of parents in the rejected position who know that they are their child’s best hope for a healthy future.

This circle is reduced in cost to £20 to enable as many parents to join as possible and if any parent cannot afford the £20 cost but would like to join, they can email request a free place by emailing parenting@familyseparationclinic.co.uk

For the cost of one place, family members can join free of charge, our aim is to bring as much support as possible to those with the power to help and heal.

This circle is focused upon the health and wellbeing of rejected parents and grandparents as well as wider family members and offers support and care to every member of a family where a child is currently rejecting.

The needs of rejected parents are many but the first need is to be recognised and understood. This circle provides a safe space for those who are grieving, those who are surviving, those who are coping and those who are reconnecting.

Facilitated by Karen Woodall, this is a place to pull up a chair, light a candle and be together to share stories, be hopeful understand more deeply the journey of the alienated child and know that you are not alone.

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