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About Me

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I am a writer as well as a psychotherapist and I am known around the world for my work with children who suffer from induced psychological splitting after divorce or separation (also known as alienation).

I write about my work with children and families on this blog and about the wider social influences that impact upon families as they go through divorce.

My major focus is on treatment of the induced psychological splitting which is caused when children are unable to hold different realities in mind, this has been called parental alienation for many years but is in fact a defence mechanism which is readily treated therapeutically when it is properly understood.

I offer coaching and therapy to everyone affected by this problem and have a high rate of success both within the family courts and outside of it, in successful reunification of alienated children and families.

I am now focused almost entirely on working with families beyond reunification, where the tasks of recovery are many and treatment routes are desperately needed.

Causing a child to suffer alienation is a serious form of child abuse in which the harm done to children is often not recognised until much later in the child’s life.

My research work as a PhD candidate at Regents University is focused upon understanding the impact on adults of unresolved psychological splitting in childhood.

You can hear more about the harms suffered by alienated children in this radio programme made by Philippa Perry for Radio Four in 2019.

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