Victoria Derbyshire Show – A First for Parental Alienation Awareness on Mainstream TV – UK

Readers will be interested to watch the Victoria Derbyshire show today on the matter of parental alienation. You can watch again at hhtp:// The Family Separation Cl…

Source: Victoria Derbyshire Show – A First for Parental Alienation Awareness on Mainstream TV – UK

8 thoughts on “Victoria Derbyshire Show – A First for Parental Alienation Awareness on Mainstream TV – UK

  1. Really good to see this awful and devastating situation broadcast on the television. We need to see and hear much much more about PAS in order to make people truly aware of how damaging this is for children, not to mention the hurt to parents. As the interviewed lady said, it was almost a year before she realised what was happening and by then the damage is done and thought patterns of the children are firmly in place. CAFCASS are not only weak, they feed into the hands of the alienator.


  2. I made my constructive and compassionate comments both as an individual and Samaritan on my Facebook page under Nigel Miles ( I have two accounts; the one with a photo of my daughter and I).
    You are all welcome to read these comments and please do the same so we can get a million hits globally (and hopefully more). We need to change the legislation as suggested.


  3. I have probably too much to say on here, but I am so pleased that finally this is going to be in the consciousness of the general public as well as raised to the incompetent negligent practitioners within Cafcass and the family courts as has been our experience for nearly 11 years .

    Even when it has been abundantly clear that alienation pure and simply, including the making of false allegations by the maternal grandmother of sexual abuse in order to frustrate contact, cafcsss did nothing and every time more and more false allegations were made (in our case always by the maternal grandmother), they refused to investigate her and now my granddaughter has seen no one in her paternal family since July last year (2015).

    I feel that Cafcass have been instrumental in allowing this psychological abuse to continue which has now oermentaly severed the once wonderful happy loving relationship we shared with my granddaughter.

    I hope the personnel involved have watched this today. I hope they will start to take responsibility and educate themselves as well as collaborate with experts such as yourself Karen. I have provided all the professionals involved with your details as well your work, and have previously provided in my evidence peer reviewed papers of Garber, Baker and others.

    They took precisely ZERO NOTICE.

    So today is the start of change. Too late possibly for my granddaughter and us as she herself has claimed to the guardian she doesn’t want us any more, even though she has as is reported by the guardiab based her decision on known false memories made by her MG and the known previous false allegations of her MG, that were thrown out as of course no evidence, the Cafcass guardian did nothing to ensure this child was being subjected to these false memories. So at least with this publicity today going forward, it may not be too late for others to be spared this terrible unnecessary heartache, loss and grief.

    Your work is brilliant Karen Woodall. I am already a subscriber of your website. it was good to see you talking on the program today. Thank you for all the great work you do. I feel is is so important that Cafcass and children’s social care collaborate with experts such as yourself as a proactive measure for the future and for sake of protecting UK family life.


  4. Thanks for that link. I was watching the Victoria Derbyshire programme just now. My son was sitting close by and asked what I was watching so I told him this;

    I am doing some research because I am trying to help a friend of mine who hasn’t seen his daughters for three years now.
    I don’t get it said my son, why can’t the children decide who they live with?
    Because sometimes the parents argue so much that the child is over-run and becomes trapped, enforced to make a decision that separates them from one of their parents
    I’m talking about older kids, said my son
    It’s best that the children see both parents I said.

    ……My son has left now to go to the Gym. I could have said more, but it will have to wait for another opportune moment should it arise…….and I rebuke myself because I so wanted to talk about feelings and ended up talking about factual sensible arrangements; that is so not going to help him with his feelings.
    Fancy now he is going to preach (or not) his Dad’s philosophy on shared parenting; it’s just an ideal for goodness sake.
    Forgive me I was caught off-guard, I never expected my son to be taking an interest in family separation. I didn’t do the acknowledgement thing ………………. I just launched into the world according to me.

    I thought I had outgrown all that stuff; obviously not. And now, I forgive myself, because there will always be another day, another day to listen, to confirm what I hear, to empathise………………….and if it really goes well, we can problem solve, that would be it. So, no real harm done, live to fight another day or should I say, live to find another moment to de-alienate and to parent in the best possible way.

    To put this in context. My son is now 17 years old. Some 8 years ago I would travel some distance in my car on the understanding that I would spend some quality time with him, after school. When I arrived at his Mum’s she would tell me he wasn’t there, and that she didn’t know where he was. I would then go hunting in the village amongst all his friend’s parents houses to see if I could see him. Luckily I usually came up trumps and my son would come with me for some quality time all be it short.

    And here he was on 21Nov. 2016 asking me why children couldn’t make their own decision about which parent they wanted to be with………

    I’m sorry he doesn’t understand why he needs both parents (despite their shortcomings) ………. I guess he just doesn’t know yet how lucky he has really been.

    Kind regards


  5. Hey look its a start, but unfortunately it was on in the morning when only a handful of people can realistically watch it – unless they link to it as we presumably did. The Beeb should think about broadcasting it a little later in the day as a real documentary. I imagine they might be surprised at the level of interest.
    My involvement with CAFFCASS is not a good one – they simply delegated it to the local services team, and even though the social services team recommended contact, it was not picked back up by CAFCASS and I would have to process the case though the Courts in private litigation even though this is potentially damaging my children’s long term emotional well being. Alan


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