Readers will be interested to watch the Victoria Derbyshire show today on the matter of parental alienation.

You can watch again at hhtp://

The Family Separation Clinic contributed to the making of this piece and is pleased to see it being aired today and that it has made the headline news on the BBC, a first for the UK on the issue.

During the film there is a call for mandatory mediation and mandatory therapeutic intervention, a call we at the Clinic absolutely disagree with.  Mediation and standard therapy do not help in cases of parental alienation and it is absolutely contraindicated in most cases.

Parental alienation is a mental health problem in its pure form and a child protection issue at its worst.  The only way that this issue can be treated is to interlock the mental health intervention with the legal framework, anything less is damaging for the child involved.

Anyone offering standard therapy in such cases should, in our view, be avoided. Such approaches are not the treatment route offered or supported by the Family Separation Clinic, whose interventions mirror those of the best practice in treatment of the issue from around the world.

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