We are about to embark on an intensive phase of development and delivery at the Family Separation Clinic and I thought it would be useful to share information with you about the work we are doing in service to parents and children.

We  run a coaching service for alienated parents and their family across the world. This service is increasingly used by parents to help in the emotional and psychological management of family law cases.  For more details of coaching services see this link.

Our expert witness service continues to deliver to England, Wales, Scotland and recently to Northern Ireland.  To instruct on cases please use this link.

Our parenting co-ordination service in cases where we have reunited children with their parent and recommended a child arrangements order in which care is shared, provides stable management and monitoring of difficult dynamics post court order. Details can be found on our website here.

Training delivery continues to be a core part of our commitment to sharing best practice and we will be delivering widely  in the UK, Belgium, Croatia, USA and Canada this year. For details about our one, two and three day practitioner training, please email us at office@familyseparationclinic.co.uk

We write widely about parental alienation  on this blog and on Huffington Post.  Our long awaited book Understanding Parental Alienation: Learning to Cope, Helping to Heal is in print with Charles S Thomas Illinois. This book distils all of our learning from our clinical work into a handbook for parents and practitioners. With an introduction by William Bernet M.D who is the President of the Parental Alienation Studies Group and recommendations from key people working in the field of child protection and parental alienation, we hope the long wait for this resource will feel worth it. We think it will.

Our new self help site is Parental Alienation Direct and we are working now to fill it with resources, road maps and recommendations for how to find the very best help to understand what is happening to your children and to you and manage the problem in the right way.  The site will be dedicated to helping you to help yourself, our byword is always that the very best therapist for an alienated child is their healthy rejected parent, we want to make you the very best you can be in terms of understanding and strength to cope.

We are aiming for launch of these new projects for July 2017 and will announce details as we have them here and on our website.

Training and Consciousness Raising Calendar

We are very busy with training delivery and awareness raising this year. The following events are currently booked and we plan to add clinical seminars in the UK when the book is available and seminars for parents in the USA and Canada, (in Boston and Toronto) which we are planning now.

In addition to the dates below we are delivering training to Social Workers, CAFCASS Guardians, Psychologists and Psychotherapists in England and Wales.

We will additionally be holding two seminars for professionals, one in Scotland and one in England dates dates tbc.
May 18 2017           Northern Ireland Law Society Children Order Conference – Working with alienated children and their families.

June 6/7/8 2017     3 day training for Practitioners – Belgium

June 15 2017          Missing Children Europe Conference – Alienated Children, Missing in the Lives of Good Enough Parents – Scotland

June 28 2017          The Family Separation Clinic Practitioner Training Day – London (Fully Booked)

July 8 2017             Institute for Child Mental Health: Too Much Pain: Conference – The Experience of the Alienated Child and Family

July 11 2017           Launch of the Inaugural meeting of the European Association of Parental Alienation  Practitioners – Prague

Sept 5/6/7 2017      Practitioner Supervision and Training – City Child Protection Centre Zagreb Croatia

Sept 14-19 2017    Retreat in Avignon France –

Oct 19-21 2017.     Parental Alienation Studies Group  Conference – Washington DC

Oct 24/25 2017       USA Practitioner Training – Two Day delivery – Boston (Full details posted shortly – for registration of interest and  booking email office@familyseparationclinic.co.uk

November 2017   Canada Practitioner Training  – Toronto (date tbc).