Mirrors of Sanity

Readers may be interested in this article which I wrote and published on this blog in June 2014, in which I discuss mirror neurons and attachment.

Readers who are interested to do so can go back through the archives and retrieve all of the articles on neuroscience, attachment issues, trans-generational haunting, psycho-geneology and other subjects which have been used in assessing children’s unjustified rejection of a parent for more than five decades.


please note – I do not allow or respond to comments which make nonsensical claims based upon personal beliefs.  I encourage those who believe the things they are being told to read this blog in its entirety (going back to 2009) before leaving abusive comments.   I note that those who do this, do so without leaving any address, suggesting that at some level, you are aware that what you are doing is harassment, which is being encouraged by misinformation and lies which are being regularly shared in public about my work and that of others involved in assisting families affected by parental alienation.

 Please be aware, before you send abusive comments that I will not tolerate bullying or harassment of me or anyone else in this field,  in any shape or form from any quarter.  

9 thoughts on “Mirrors of Sanity”

  1. I’m reflecting on case work that when threatened with the prospect of the delusional beliefs being exposed…the true ferocity of the core wound is exposed by the alienating parent /personality. The display of aggression is to hide the core wound for fear of being exposed. As therapists we know that this offend indicates that we are working in exactly the right space. As with clients, the targeted parent disengages from the provoking conflict and allows the behaviours to be seen in plain sight for exactly what they are. Much love and support ❤


  2. TW. I cannot prevent you from leaving comments but I am now simply archiving them. Your claims, made elsewhere about the interaction you had on this blog are distortions of reality. I have the full transcript of of those exchanges which were not bullying other than the behaviours you demonstrated towards others. You have found your spiritual home with someone who gives you succour so I do not understand why you feel the need to return here. Perhaps your need is fed by being enabled to feel powerful in your gathering with others who like you wish there to be one magical solution. I remain clear with you and anyone else who bullies, hectors and harasses. There will be no platform for it here. I wish you well. I think you would be best served in the other place with like minded folk who seek easy answers and a place to vent their fury and frustration that the world is not as simple as you would like it to be. K


  3. TW, please desist now it serves no purpose to keep coming back, please go back to your tribe where you feel safest, I wish you well but there is absolutely nothing for you here.


    1. TW. enough already. Ask yourself. What is it that you see in me that you cannot see in yourself? What is it that makes you see NPD everywhere? And what is it that keeps bringing you back here?


      1. TW. If you would like to carry on your diagnosis of me by email instead of sending messages to this blog you can email office@familyseparationclinic.co.uk, I will respond because you are clearly really keen on coming back again and again so I must be representing something for you.


  4. My mind is boggling as a targetted parent. I read everybody’s stuff, just to u derstand what I am dealing with. From all sides of the fence, there is something common, the fact that there is a problem with one parent alienating a child or children from the other. I don’t care what it’s called. I think we all see that.
    Let’s all get over it and start more effective communication. Nobody holds the golden goose here that lays the golden egg.
    I think the road is long. More research is required. Data built on cases.


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