I first came across the Mindful Gardner Blog last week and was entranced by the pleasure of the pictures, the words and the concepts of simply being with the natural world. Living in London, I have only a small balcony to grow plants and flowers and coming from the countryside, a garden is one of the things I miss the most.

I miss the cold March air on my face as I set the seeds for the year ahead.

And the warm April sunshine as I sit with coffee watching the first bees doing their work.

And the baking heat of the midsummer day when the garden is a riot of colour and the voices of the plants are singing in perfect harmony.

I miss the longer shadows of the late summer evening, when the loudest of the plants are quietening down and the luminous purples of the bee plants are set against the twilight.

And the ritual picking and packing down of the harvest and the thanks giving in my heart for the joy the garden has given me.

All of those things I miss and will have again there is no doubt. But each of those things took me into the absolute moment of my living, which in turn brought (and will bring) alignment with life and healing.

This beautiful blog brings it alive for me, in the year when we are going to find grace in waiting and peace and even joy, I hope you find all of these things in this writing and more. x