Approaching the Tipping Point – 2018 -The Year They Heard About Parental Alienation

This is going to be a big year in the field of parental alienation, in fact when we look back in five years time, this year will, in my view, be the tipping point, the year they heard about parental alienation, the year of no going back.

There is nothing difficult about recognising that a child does not reject a once loved parent unless there is pressure upon them from somewhere to do so.  Or so it seems to me.  But then I have been recognising this for years now and helping others to recognise it as well.  When one recognises it, when you ‘get it’, there is no going back from the understanding because when you understand what is really happening when a child is alienated, the recognition of the harm being done means that you have to act.

Acting on behalf of the child however is quite difficult still for professionals around the world.  Professionals are both unaware of the reality of how parental alienation affects children or what they can do about it.  It is tragic that in most countries, professionals with the power to change alienated children’s lives, still take too long and are far too timid in their approach to treatment.   Whilst there are many reasons for that timidity, lack of knowledge should not amongst them, lack of courage to help abused children should not be another.

Our work in the European Association of Parental Alienation Practitioners, is to build a membership and governance body which truly supports, protects and governs its members with all of the knowledge, expertise and training which is necessary.  Our work in partnership with other bodies around the world is designed to do the same and there are many such events being held to push global awareness of parental alienation around the world this year.  With our combined efforts it is becoming clearer that the problem of a child’s unjustified rejection of a parent is coming into sharp focus.  What to do about it is our most urgent task in education and awareness raising.  Here’s what is going on this year in this respect.

PASG2018 – Stockholm – August

Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at 17.20.51

The Parental Alienation Study Group is made up of academics, researchers, writers, practitioners and parents who are interested in furthering the work in the field of parental alienation.  The second PASG conference is being held in Stockholm in August, leading experts will present their work and you can find out more about it by clicking on the image.  Booking is open now.

European Association of Parental Alienation Practitioners 2018 – London – AugustScreen Shot 2018-02-26 at 17.26.54

This conference brings together leading experts in the field of parental alienation globally with leading legal and mental health people from Europe in a landmark conference focused upon the legal and mental health interlock which is necessary for successful management of parental alienation.  The conference introduces new concepts in diagnosis and treatment as well as presenting case management from Europe including Romania where parental alienation has been made illegal. Find out more by clicking the image.  Booking opens this week.

Simply Parent Conference – Fort Collins USA – JuneScreen Shot 2018-02-26 at 17.16.54

This is THE conference for the USA and around the world which focuses upon the campaign to push awareness of parental alienation over the tipping point.  Nick and I will be there along with others in the field.  Find out more by clicking on the image.  Booking is open shortly.

PAAR Conference Tasmania – October

Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at 17.32.01

This is THE conference for those working with the issue of parental alienation in Australia and New Zealand.  This conference looks at the problem of parental alienation through the lens of family violence an essential aspect of understanding and educating others about parental alienation.  This conference will also feature key in the moment research from the University of Tasmania.  Nick and I will be travelling to be there and to  also deliver training and workshops for parents in Australia.   You can find out more by clicking on the image and bookings open shortly.

Around all of these conferences,  people are working incredibly hard to raise awareness, build frameworks for change and introduce new approaches to the problem.  Research, writing, curating thinking, bring solutions to the problem of parental alienation around the world is the daily work for people who truly care about children and family around the world.

With so much going on we are beginning to ramp up the pressure upon those who work with alienated children and their families everywhere.  We are approaching the tipping point of change in awareness which opens the door to changes in policy and practice.

One movement, many hands.

The year of change. 2018.

The year we did it together.




11 thoughts on “Approaching the Tipping Point – 2018 -The Year They Heard About Parental Alienation”

  1. Fantastic Karen.

    Eight years ago we were light years away from a tipping point. It’s now clearly visible on the horizon…….. even through the thickest of fog in the darkest hour.

    The Feminist affected system failed so so many and still is failing them, it always will. Made the unscrupulous wealthy, and served to aid the destruction of families, fathers, and mothers and worst of all with no regard to the consequences upon the children or even community, society and civilisation in a butterfly wings to hurricane exponential descent and disaster.

    The system, at present, is no saviour, nor will be to those caught in the traps and turbulence and trauma of Alienation. It goes someway to inducing Alienation and is unlikely to change.

    They say don’t waste energy trying to destroy the old system, especially if it’s a fortress incapable of being anything other than what it is, instead build your own better system with your energies, that with each way point, goal, achievement, brick laid, and success then momentum and opportunities exponentially increase for expansion coverage and reach, a great big umbrella over families and children, immune to ideologues and the corrupt.

    It takes a vision. It takes knowledge. It takes faith. It takes guts. It takes belief. It takes application. It takes gratitude. It takes appreciation. It takes compassion. It takes humility. It takes receptivity. It takes openness.
    It takes hard work. It takes love. It takes time.
    It takes sacrifice. It takes resilience. It takes the ability to say no. It takes strength to overcome.

    You’ve got the lot.

    A leader and a healer.

    The tipping point is arriving, accelerating towards the rubicon, where services will be available everywhere for everyone despite the state and feminists prolonged attempts to ignore deny blame and squander resources and callously erase people.

    No going back, the cat is out of the bag, the genie out of the lamp,

    Unbelievably as you were writing this blog I was thinking about something and I remember clearly reaching a conclusion that there is no going back….. I was also thinking about a tipping point too…. though can’t remember what in context with.

    It’s true that the rumbling tsunamic roar of thunder is always heard after the flash of precise lightening somewhere in the distance fast approaching, getting nearer.

    You are lightening. Xx


    1. When the time is right, things will change and that change will come from ‘the collective’ that is each of us that ‘get it’ and who exercise our power by putting our past pain to good use not only for the benefit of the cause but also in our day-to-day life

      We’ll all know when the time is near as those most resistant to change will almost certainly attempt to ‘buy’ Karen off (a la CAFCASS)……I know which outcome I’d back in that scenario x


  2. You’re too late, I’m afraid. I know it’s not your fault. The professionals are unable to understand or cope with these situations.


    1. too late for you Stevie which is tragic I know, too many losses already – but not too late for generations of others which means we press on. K


    2. Please don’t take this the wrong way Stevie (I myself lost 4 kids to PA many years ago) but you brought a smile to my face when I read your post and continued the theme in my head with the thought (whilst chuckling)…..”we’re all doomed and going to hell in a hand-cart”. 🙂

      What the many years of deep pain and loss have taught me is that most things others do are beyond my own direct control and influence and that recognising this fact enables me to retain a sense of perspective on their behaviour (not taking it personally as it’s not all about me) and also to have hope for the future (there are always forces at work beyond our knowledge that will dictate when “change” will kick down the door of the status quo).

      After all, who saw the fall of the ‘iron curtain’ 13 months before the end began?!?


    please sign this petition I am three weeks into having my three children all under five taken against their will by the mother after a relationship break down!
    Too many people have suffered for years missing out on irreplaceable time with the children they created
    All down to one parent thinking they have more right to a child than the other does 😦
    please it will only take a minute of your time


    1. Signed
      I lost my only child five years ago to a Sharia system.. so I wish you the best of luck. No child should ever have to lose a parent on either side.


  4. Karen, as you know I’ve had the odd stumble here and there but I’m still vertical and breathing and so my fight still goes on!
    I don’t know if my boy who’s coming 18 shortly will ever contact me but I live in the hope that he will when he gets always from the influence of his daddy and grandmother! I also have a 14yr old daughter who travels the difficult path between daddy’s house and home, she is my priority and I’m very proud of her!
    The strength I’ve got from you and the information and knowledge from the blog has enabled me to be a better mammy than I might have been on this horrific PA journey!
    My daughter went to debate in local government chamber about all the issues young children from broken homes face! She is with a group set up locally that will give her an accreditation at the end of 2yrs and an extra GCSE! Her mentor said she is amazing and spoke so well about how in her situation our family had been let down by social services, whom “Mum” had brought in to try to help but daddy didn’t like them!! She felt they were all too scared to say what was really going on with me, my son and his daddy!!
    I’ve spoken to her many times about “Mammy’s group” and how you help me, and she has taken it with her to incorporate it in her next meeting!!
    I’d be very proud if she does as she says, and becomes a social worker, cause as she so blatantly puts it
    “Someone needs to have the balls to fix it for the kids mum”

    A new generation Karen, with just a little more information than the last! Wasn’t impressed with her choice of words but she hit the nail on the head!
    My view for what it’s worth….. if we can’t fix our own situations surely let’s help others. I’m heartbroken at my loss but if we can stop someone else going throughout the same torment then we’ve got to carry on! It may just be that something that keeps me focused and stops me walking into the tide!
    I wake up every morning thinking today just might be the day!

    Keep doing what you’re doing Karen, cause my kids have their mum
    because of you, and yes, sometimes at my worst, it was that close!

    Frankie x


  5. Congratulations Karen Woodall and everyone who does ‘get it’ the world over who have tirelessly tried (and often sadly failed through no fault of their own) to educate professionals with closed minds, ears and eyes about the reality of this form of child / familial abuse and the far reaching damage it leaves in its wake.

    In this country both CAFCASS and the FAMILY COURTS as well as many involved in UK Social Services have contributed to and enabled for years the demise of once healthy and loving relationships between now alienated children and missing targeted family: in fact, rather than safeguarding and protecting, they have allowed these vulnerable children to remain with their abuser.

    Here’s to change and the brilliant and tireless work of professionals like Karen Woodall as well as those of use who have suffered the horrors of it. ❤️


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