Singing From the Heart

I was sent this yesterday, I listened to it this morning and felt it’s love and lightness might resonate with so many of you who come here regularly.

Thanks Tom Byrne.



  1. Nice song, thanks for posting. In their grief, alienated parents may be brought to their knees by the striking poignancy of a particular song. One that always lays raw my vulnerability is Christina Aguilera singing “Hurt”. This is sung from the child’s perspective, years later, on finding out the truth when it is too late because her father has by then passed on. For me it’s a song that lives up to its name.

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  2. Karen Woodall,
    No, blood is not thicker than water. Love, unconditional love, finds roots in what makes us who we are and how we love.
    You clearly have issues with adoptive parenting. … Perhaps you do not understand same-sex parenting.
    I am deeply appreciative of your work and dedication to children but implore you not to diminish adoptive parents. Your work does not need to find restriction; reduction is so much in conflict with your core premise. Stop, you are hurting my child.


    1. Angie, I am hurting no-one. I have explained to you before that I am not anti adoptive parenting, I do not have issues with adoption so please do not put words or intention into my mouth which are not there. Additionally please do not intimate that I do not understand same sex parenting, it is judgmental of you just because you are hurt by my thinking. It does not matter how much we pretend that biology does not matter, it does, If we ignore biology it will come back and haunt us. I am not hurting your child, I am hurting you, be honest about it and say that instead of projecting it. No-one on here is diminishing adoptive parents but you assume I am because I consider biological ties to be an imperative in our lives. I send you my best but I will not stop writing what I write because it does not chime with your world view. K

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  3. I totally resonate with this beautiful song…..even more so as it is my daughter….there were no tears, but I feel it deep inside! Thank you for sharing such a beautiful piece of music Karen…
    I have shared it on my Facebook wall, I know it will resonate with so many that I am connected to!


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