Today in the House of Lords, Baroness Meyer withdrew her Amendment to the Domestic Abuse Bill after a lengthy and considered debate about the issue of alienation of children in divorce and separation.

My experiencing of listening to this was that at last, the seriousness of alienation of children after divorce and separation, is being recognised more widely for the serious issue of child abuse that it is. I was particularly heartened to hear Baron Winston speak about the scientific evidence which supports the reality of the harm that alienation does to children. This is the reason why those of us who do this work, continue to do it in the face of such serious attack. We know that it is child abuse, we know that it is hidden and we know that if it is not addressed it will lead to epigenetic changes which cause harm down the generations.

Whilst Baroness Meyer may feel disappointed in the outcome of her campaign in this particular bill, she has given careful and diligent attention to the issue she has worked tirelessly to raise to public consciousness over the past nineteen years. Whilst the words parental alienation may not be in the domestic abuse bill, the reality that so many in the House of Lords have been able to see beyond the toxic rhetoric which has infected this debate over recent weeks, is a breath of fresh air.

Alienation of children is, as Robert Winston told us, a hidden form of child abuse.

That acknowledgement alone, will protect many children for generations to come and Baroness Meyer is to be thanked for creating the opportunity for that reality to be known.

Watch Baron Winston on Parliamentary TV:

Baron Winston on Parliamentary TV speaking about alienation of children – 8 March 2021