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The Family Separation Clinic

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The Family (Separation) Clinic offers services to parents who are experiencing the loss of a child after family separation due to induced psychological splitting which is commonly known as parental alienation.

Run by highly skilled and experienced professionals, the Clinic offers a service which is tailored to the individual needs of families experiencing separation.

Referrals can be accepted from solicitors, local authorities, 9.5 Guardians, other family court professionals and parents themselves.

Specialist Services for Families affected by Parental Alienation

Part 25 Assessments

Reunification Programmes

Structured Interventions for Rejecting Children

Post Residence Transfer Support Programmes

Psychotherapy for Adults Alienated as Children

Therapeutic Parenting Training and Study Courses for Parents of Alienated Children of All Ages.

You can reach the Family (Separation) Clinic here

9 thoughts on “The Family Separation Clinic

  1. What do you do when a parent is trying to control, lie and manipulate a child into believing they are the victim of a relationship breakdown? This is ruining any chance for the other parent of having a healthy relationship with their child. Is this parent alienation? After six court hearings, the judges just don’t seem to take this seriously enough.


  2. Hello.
    To protect myself and children I’m writing to ask some questions regarding alienation.
    I have been told I am alienating.
    Yet I find things that say I’m this or that.
    Posts my kids may eventually hate me.
    There are several occasions of missed visits from other parent.
    Divorced 5 years.
    I am remarried.

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    1. Document that you have facilitated visits- keep copies of emails and texts and a calendar of all visits and if they were missed and why. You need to show you are encouraging a relationship with the other parent. Also share school and medical info and do so by email so you have proof


  3. I last saw my son in April 2014 and he soon turns 8 years of age. I am a British Citizen but I live in California, returning in July 2018 to England. My son lives in Switzerland with his grandparents who are supposedly his day-to-day parents. The Swiss Authorities have given me the complete run around. To say that I have been defrauded of procedurally and substantively is to be polite. The mother, who self harms, and has told me that “she cannot feel the pain of others” actively and passively works to prevent visits by appealing Swiss Court Orders (which makes them unenforceable) and when there are visits is officially made the visit warden (with the authority to organize the visit in so far as time, date, place, etc. are concerned). Unsurprisingly there are no visits (simply failed visits). There is no problem with child support maintenance which is vigorously enforced by the California Child Support Services, even for amounts of arrears that are made up. In 2012, I went to live in Switzerland (I immigrated) in order to establish a visit right but failed and left after 13 months of trying. Well, I ran out of money. Before I left I was sued by the mother for not paying maintenance (I missed some payments) but I was utterly broke what with living expenses and legal fees. I had exhausted my cash savings and liquidated my 401K pension. To this day I now struggle to find meaningful work because of the convictions yet the Swiss Authorities insist that I earn the same amount of money I earned prior to these legal struggles and so they refuse to amend a child support agreement that bears no semblance to my reality – lower income, destroyed career, despondency, depression and despair. Not to mention legal fees and long distance travel expenses. I can’t find the work they say I should have for years now and have therefore worked odd jobs since. I am soon closing in on contempt of court for arrears, although I do my best to pay regularly. In short, the maintenance payments have become a weapon to subvert any chance I have of funding the struggle to see my son. All the while, the mother does not live with my boy. She abandoned him to the grandparents, who are wealthy and want my son for themselves. The mother does not (according to Swiss District Court hearings) pass on the maintenance payments I make to the grandparents. It is all so unfair. I fell into a depression and tried to commit suicide because I feel so ashamed of my failing to protect my boy and be part of his life. I failed due to the most random of circumstances but those thoughts stalk me even now, 3 years later. I am criminally convicted dead beat dad, and my career is broken. I live alone with no chance of finding new love with this baggage. I do not know what would happen if I was given proper access to my beloved son. How would he react to me. According to the Swiss District Court who interviewed him in 2017 he said that he wants to see me but fears abduction. Who put these awful thoughts in his vulnerable mind? As the Swiss District Court say repeatedly to me: I can’t see my son because I have not seen him. This terrible circular logic is used to create facts on the ground that enable those same courts to create superficial reasons not to grant proper visit orders. And if theoretically they did, then the mother would appeal again. I have lost my son forever, and he has lost me until some age by which he might come to see me or reach out. But what harm has been done? Why cannot the Swiss Authorities have been more professional, humane and practical in all of this. It is quite simply discrimination and injustice. My fatherhood is just not seen as valuable to my boy and it is made worse because I am a foreigner. It angers me that California enforces this injustice with great zealousness. We are headed in the wrong direction as a society. It is all about the mother even when she behaves with utmost selfishness and without care for the wellbeing of our child, much less mine. Thank you for reading this. It helps me to be able to “vent”.


    1. Dear William,

      My heart goes out to you and all of us in this predicament. If you are willing to do anything to resolve this then take your focus off your situation and the injustice of it and turn inwards. I recommend you visit: melanietoniaevans.com and also listen to her videos about parental alienation. If Melanie’s way doesn’t appeal to you trust you will find the way that does. Heal your pre-existing beliefs about yourself and you will open the way for divine love to turn your situation around.

      Love Joan


      1. Just returning to the site now and with a thank you for the reference link, Joan.

        with love, William


  4. When and how is the alienated parents behavior and/or lack of parenting skills factored in?

    The parent told the kids to “never come back” and “all I have done the last 12 yrs is things for you, do not ruin tonight for me!” and chooses other things over the 4 nights a month with their child, and mislead about bringing kids back to the other parent and instead brought them to another for overnight care…..is that the other parent causing alienation or is it the kids sick of being treated poorly. The alienated parent disregards the kids thoughts and feelings, emotionally neglects the kids. The parent said the kids misunderstood (11 & 13) and did not address the issue.

    The kids went to parenting time until too many hurtful events happened and they refused. Should the favored parent force them to go and punish to make them when the problem is not addressed to allow healing? How do I help the kids trust their parent when the parent has been busted by the kids on many occasions?


  5. Karen would you kindly be apart of a show or shows on supporting familles when children have been taken by the state and parental ailenination dean tong reccomended me to you email andy@freedomtalkradio.co.uk this sadly also happens to adults and adult children


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