Readers engaged in the manufactured argument created by Dr Childress, will be interested in this article, written in April 2013 and  this article, written in July 2013.

I have been writing and referencing attachment disorder, encapsulated delusional disorder and other concepts such as trans-generational haunting for many years,  long before Dr Childress began his blog and his publications of Foundations. As have the pioneering psychiatrists and psychologists working in this field in the UK for the past five decades.

I am concerned for the parents who are being led to believe otherwise.

Our publishers have been alerted to the claims made in recent days. I will not enter into any further public commentary or debate on the matter save to say this.

The issue of parental alienation is a human problem and working with it demands much of the practitioners involved.  Not one to be afraid of saying what I think, I have, over the years, come to realise that everyone who gets their hands dirty in this field on behalf of children and parents, deserves the utmost respect.  PA will not be solved via a formulaic route using repackaged concepts which have already been referred to for decades.

Neither will it be solved by just one person but by many.  I am always suspicious of those who claim otherwise.

And all are courageous and all should be supported and I will not contribute to this manufactured argument any further.

Our publishers and their lawyers are the proper people to deal with the claims which have been made in recent days.

Nick and I will continue our work as usual.