False Allegations: Never Acceptable

I am alerted to false claims of plagiarism in our new book by Dr Craig Childress.

This matter has today been referred to our publisher Charles C Thomas Illinois.

Plagiarism is a serious allegation and the claim being made is entirely without foundation as part of a manufactured argument in our view.  The concepts claimed by Dr Childress as being his, are in fact those which have been used in the UK for more than five decades by psychiatrists and psychologists.  They have also been widely written about by all of the experts in the field of parental alienation both before and after Gardner’s original curation of the eight signs of alienation.  All of the material in our new book is properly referenced to source and claims that they are not are misleading.

We will be taking this matter as far as it needs to go to put a stop to this because it is never acceptable, in any setting, to make such claims and it is, in our view, harmful to the work that is being done around the world to allow this to continue.

We do not intend to rehearse any of the arguments currently being generated by Dr Childress, or become involved in a protracted dispute which is entirely manufactured and completely unnecessary.

William Bernet M.D. Professor Emeritus, Vanderbilt University and Distinguished Life Fellow, American Psychiatric Association wrote the foreword to our new book.  Readers may wish to read his review of Foundations by Dr Childress which was published in the Parental Alienation Study Group Newsletter, which is reproduced, for information, here. It may help readers and those interested in collaborative and informed practice, to understand the underlying dynamics of the current situation.

Parental Alienation Study Group Newsletter: September 1, 2015

Old Wine in Old Skins: A Commentary on ‘Foundations: An Attachment-Based Model of Parental Alienation’ by C.A Childress Psy.D.

William Bernet & Kathleen Reay

The article below represents the views of the authors, William Bernet and Kathleen Reay only, and does not necessarily reflect the views of the PASG.

In the July 2015 issue of Parental Alienation International, PASG member Craig Childress described his new book, Foundations. Craig’s work brings to mind an interesting aspect of the history of parental alienation (PA), that is, the multitude of names that have been applied for the same clinical phenomenon. It also gives a new take on the parable having to do with wine and wineskins.

In the 1940s, David Levy never heard of PA, but he described it in his book on “maternal overprotection.” About the same time, Wilhelm Reich explained that some divorced parents defend against narcissistic injury by using PA to attack the other parent. In the 1950’s, Louise Despert alluded to PA in her book about children of divorce. In the 1960s, Murray Bowen identified PA – without using that term, of course – as a form of triangulation, a condition in some dysfunctional families. In 1970, PASG members Jack Westman and Douglas Kramer and others were the first authors to describe the PA phenomenon in a peer-reviewed journal. Also in the 1970s, E. James Anthony and Therese Benedek described PA in a discussion of folie à deux. In the 1980s, Judith Wallerstein and Saundra Blakeslee used “Medea-like rage” to describe the emotional state of alienating parents. Stanley Clawar and Brynne Rivlin used the terms “programming” and “brainwashing” to describe how PA is brought about. PASG member Barry Bricklin used the term, “Not-Based-On-Actual-Interactions” (NBOAI) to designate the opinions of children who had been manipulated into believing non-events. Of course, Richard Gardner introduced the term “parental alienation syndrome” in 1985. In 1990, Frank Williams introduced the term “parentectomy.”

Since the turn of the 21st century, PA has been described and studied through many perspectives, each with its own terminology. When Joan Kelly and Janet Johnston reformulated the concept in 2001, they preferred to use the term “alienated child” rather than PA. In Poland, PA is called “Zespół Gardnera” or “Gardner Syndrome.” PASG member Guglielmo Gulotta and his Italian colleagues studied PA through psycholinguistic analysis. PASG member Lena Hellblom Sjögren and other European writers have emphasized that inducing PA is a violation of the child’s human rights. Peter Jaffe and his colleagues have said that PA is one of the coercive strategies used by perpetrators of domestic violence to control their family members. PASG member Robert Gordon and his colleagues studied the features of PA with the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory–2. Of course, authors in many countries have identified PA as a form of child psychological abuse. Most members of PASG simply use the term “parental alienation.”

Now, Craig Childress has introduced a new set of terms because he wants to avoid using “parental alienation” or other terms associated with Richard Gardner. Craig has introduced the term “attachment-trauma reenactment disorder” for the child, which he says is the same as shared psychotic disorder or shared delusional disorder. For the parent, he uses the term “pathogenic parenting.” Craig would agree, we think, that he is packaging old wine (the phenomenon that most people think of as PA) in old skins (attachment theory and personality disorders). We agree, of course, with Craig, that sometimes it is helpful to conceptualize the child’s condition as being a disorder of attachment. And sometimes it is helpful to emphasize the narcissistic or borderline personality disorder of the alienating parent.

What we do not understand is Craig’s insistence that his perspective is the only one that counts. We do not understand his insistence that his attachment-based theory is totally different from and has nothing to do with parental alienation syndrome, when there is much overlap between his writings and the publications of Gardner. It seems to us that David Levy, Barry Bricklin, Janet Johnston, Guglielmo Gulotta, Richard Gardner, and Craig Childress are all talking about the same group of children. They have developed theories and constructs that are complementary, interactive, and mutually supportive. There is no need to badmouth the beliefs of other writers in order to promote one’s own theory regarding PA.

William Bernet, M.D., President Nashville, Tennessee 














































38 thoughts on “False Allegations: Never Acceptable”

      1. Ms Woodall- Children are suffering due to a lack of knowledge, expertise and and ability to deliver and effective message. Parents are desperately seeking a solution. It is concerning that you focus on other psychologist’s theory/opinion(s) rather than being part of a solution. Neil

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      2. The ‘solution’ as you believe it to be has been used in the U.K. for five decades and children are still alienated so forgive me for not being part of the Childress clan I just don’t believe it is ‘the’ solution it is one amongst others for a particular type of alienation.


  1. I have held my tongue too long. What gibberish is this? As much I tried I could not understand the terms he used or the way he wrote, “attachment-trauma reenactment disorder” “pathogenic parenting.” It is not an approach an easy read for a parent to understand, it is like is some psychology jargon and not easy to read and apply to one’s situation. His tone is always condescending and whining. I don’t know whose side he is on, the child, the target parent, the court, the lawyers, the social workers, or who is he addressing. His videos he created for the child to watch, I question if that ever works. How can a child understand the manipulations of one parent or the disorders present? Poof watch a video and you are healed?! And often he uses terms that a child or a parent don’t understand.

    His attachment trauma reenactment is a mouth full and how do you in laymen’s terms explain it to a family member or friend? And his the pathogenic parenting sounds like some disease and not easy terms when addressed in such light. It is different words for the same old concepts written about from other will known researchers throughout ages. Sometimes I feel it is about the money that one will get achieve if one sets themselves above others with the same concept using different created words/terms. It is about the victimized child. It is about the abused target parent.

    Just my two cents…………

    Anonymous-mother of three

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  2. If well-known PA authors are divided, then targeted parents haven’t got a chance. Without the thoughtful moderation of a jury, I’ve been stuck with the same closed-minded judge for nearly 8 years!


  3. I am so sorry you have to put up with this at all Karen. It is your valuable time spent on false allegations and Childress ‘ own narcissism. Whenever someone does a great body of work, he is there to attack. He promotes non professionals and denigrates professionals. I finally Unsubscribed to his blog. I feel much better now. I have received his writings from clients who think he has no “people skills”. Pretty sad for a psychologist!
    You and Nick have my full support Karen.
    Best, Lynn Steinberg PhD

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    1. thank you Lynn, that means a lot to me. I am concerned for the parents who are being led to believe things which are untrue and I am also concerned for those who think there is an argument going on between Childress and I. There isn’t. I have nothing to argue with him about. This is his argument based on his own claims that he is the originator of things I was writing about years ago. He is not. I cannot help but feel that this is a mirror of the alienating behaviours seen in parents. I value collaboration and the work of so many who have gone before us in this field, all of whom I admire enormously for their courage. Thank you for your support Lynn, I am looking forward to meeting up in October. K

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  4. Karen, I have read a little, and YouTubed a little of Dr Childress and have to say that in my humble opinion he may be a tad jealous of how you have become the voice of reason in this very difficult arena, and have gathered quite a following of parents like myself who suffer such pain over the loss of our children through PA.
    I’m sure you have no qualms with Dr Childress who does seem to want to fight, and for myself I think his efforts would be put to better use if he spent less time trying to undermine your work and continued on with his own work using his own particular methods! (I have read his critic on you before).
    It can only be to the detriment of the entire cause for professionals to be seen to be at cross purposes with the frequency that Dr Childress is with you and your work!!
    I have no doubt you will chastise me for my next comment but it seems to me he’s more concerned with his high profile being diminished than being able to be seen to say “Well done Karen, great job”.

    You know what Karen, well done, great job!!

    Frankie x


  5. Where’s my royalties? Dr CC, appears to be off his nut.

    I really think he is psychotic, it’s not acute either like when someone rams a hotrod where the sun doesn’t shine, nope, unfortunately it’s chronic, not reactive as most often with acute psychosis but just his general ambience…. proper nutjob.

    Can spot em a mile, or few thousand miles away.

    Hello Dr. Fool.

    I’m Carl, your superior. Behave.

    Or else.


  6. I also believe his approach stems from seeking revenge and anger, not from a healing perspective. I am always wary of folk who love to superglue labels on people.

    Some have tried to pin labels on me, they would have been better having a tattoo on their forehead.. The alternative four letter word for feminist perhaps.

    A hundred labels could be placed on me, still best dad in the world, for my lad. A thousand labels could be placed on my lads damaged and alienating mother, she’s still the best mother for my lad. The goon she married would needs a steam roller pinning on his head, im building a meccano one.

    Flump throws Dr CC out of the arena with his crappy revenge book… Dr CC doesn’t even know that flumps exist. Very narrow minded. One track even.


  7. Thanks for publishing the statement from William Bernet & Kathleen Reay
    ‘The article below represents the views of the authors, William Bernet and Kathleen Reay only, and does not necessarily reflect the views of the PASG.’
    It not only clarifies. It also gives good information about the long going history since the 1940s.
    Whats somehow missed is the reference to Hostile Aggressive Parenting and their checklist:

    Click to access DraftAssessmentHAPTool-2005.pdf

    as this checklist tries to nail down the behavior of the alienating parent to facts. Facts which should make it much more difficult for judges and their parental rootcutting industry to ignore PAS with nice blabla words.
    As parents – and especially fathers – have nearly no chance to keep contact with their children it should be documented in public. Archive.org seems to be best as video, texts and pictures can be stored. Also, whats stored there can be easily downloaded and distributed. With google and youtube we see more and more that they censor the content even through removal of documents. All under the umbrella of so called ‘hate speech’ which is very often an attack against free speech.


  8. Any scientific theory that’s being introduced into a Court of law into evidence onto a Court record may first be challenged via a Motion in Limine and subjected to rigorous legal argument and scrutiny before a Judge at a Daubert/Frye Hearing. Here, the Court becomes the gatekeeper of the “science.” Most states in America today adhere to Rule 702 and Daubert in requiring scientific theories and expert testimony be first scientifically tested, be subjected to peer review and publication, have a known error rate, be scientifically reliable, and with Frye be accepted by the overall scientific community. The main problem with parental alienation, or alienated child syndrome, or now attachment based parental alienation/pathogenic parenting (Dr. Childress) is that there’s been no consistent scientifically-based/evidence-based empirical literature on the subject matter over the past 35 years or so.


    1. thanks for this though it is nonsense, I direct you to Amy Baker, the research database of PASG and Demosthene Lorandas’s work on Daubert and Frye.


  9. Imagine my disappointment upon hearing Childress claim to have created a model to identify, diagnose and treat parental alienation that has been used more efficiently and for a lower cost by a very experienced forensic psychologist amd another clinical psych who are too busy utilizing it long before Childress’ claim to invent it. He is an egomaniacal narcissist whow loves to think he’s the best of the best but can’t fathom others being first, being more successful or being more intelligent. I was so heavily disappointed as I genuinely respected Childress and idolized him until I actually met him via a group of his. He is a haughty and self serving moron that expects/demands recognition and admiration he hasn’t even earned nor deserves. He’s in it for himself only, to be remembered and renowned for something hes trying to claim as his own that isn’t since it doesn’t belong to him or anyone else. He feeds off of the worship (yes worship) of his followers who are either extremely naive, extremely similar to him as far as his personality disorder tendencies and he is constantly patting his own back and bpasts about his many perceived accolades he really doesn’t seem to have or demonstrate. He reminds me of a cult leader. He’s even compared himself to gods, Jesus, etc while talking smack on all forensic psychology, demanding it’s complete removal. He really makes it even more difficult for alienated parents and families to obtain help from legitimate, decent and affordable experts who follow his horrible advice and refer to ‘his’ work. Alienated families and parents aren’t taken seriously once Childress’ name comes up to other experts and organizations…not because he’s fighting the good fight and they are against it, as he would and does accuse. They don’t respect him because of his stolen work he calls his own and that he makes snide and arrogant remarks about other experts that are actu ally well above his caliber and self perception of grandiosity. He is a massive hindrance on any speedy change for the better in Alienation. He is a walking contradiction and a toxic person himself who makes his name from the sufferers who unwittingly and blindly worship him thinking he’s going to rescue their children. He has yet to actually do so that I’ve seen.


  10. These personal attacks on Dr Childress’s personality have me wondering if he has hit on the truth and the narcissists are at work trying to discredit him as they do anyone else who threatens their rule.
    I have watched his you tube videos I see someone passionate about saving children from serious psychological abuse. I also see the truth.
    It is a disgrace if this has been known for so many years yet children are still being alienated.


    1. Dear Julie, you will make up your own mind. As someone who has been denigrated badly by Childress, I feel these views are valid. I see someone who has been let down. But you must make up your own mind. All I can say is that all of us who are specialists in this field do what Childress tells you only he does. He’s got some good videos and he’s curated some good ideas but they are not new and not very much different to what other worldwide experts do. That is the message in the comments left about him. But please don’t take my word for it, find your own way to the truth. K

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      1. I am an alienated parent. I would like to see as huge an outcry from all those who say that they are doing the same thing. If this has been so well known for so long, can you tell me why I am fighting an uphill battle in court to protect my youngest son from this when his father has already alienated his brother.


      2. And if you look beyond the internet Julie you will see the work being done. You are fighting an uphill battle because of fifty years of divorce which has been dealt with in the court system. Look there if you want things to change, look at the systems around your children which are manipulated by their father. Look at the way in which mental health has viewed your problem as being about conflict between parents. You can fall for conspiracy theories if you wish to, many vulnerable parents do that because they are desperate for an easy answer, but there is no easy answer, no magic wand – over there in the corner is a wizard projecting a great big fantasy for you based on exactly the same things other people have been doing for decades – and that truth has started to unravel itself – hence the commentary on here. But there are many all around the world working on this issue right now and that is the reality – but you choose to believe what you want to believe.

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  11. Arent you involved in mental health? This is a mental health / psychological/ child protection issue. This is psychological and emotional abuse of both child and alienated parent and all other family members. I am not doubting your work. Just questioning why this has not been front page news. I do look further than the internet and other than Cafcass taking up the idea and completely misunderstanding who the alienating parent is I see very little information for the general population. My question is why aren’t you and others making this form of abuse known. I have attended two separated parents programmes but no mention of anything. I have tried to tell social services, the police, the court guardian. I am applying to study a degree in psychology, maybe someone will listen then. But until this type of abuse is made known how many more will suffer? Do you not have a responsibility too.


    1. I suggest you look further at this site Julie, you will find that in August 300 professionals met in London and our new membership organisation to ensure that practice with families is regulated is shortly to open. Before you come here being petulant and accusing those of us who work day and night to change things, take a bit of time to read about what is being done. Finding fault with those who work incredibly hard to bring this problem to light isn’t a great idea. I get that you hurt, I get you are angry but before you start pushing your agenda, try reading the 400,000 words on here written over ten years and inform yourself about what we are doing. It isn’t great to alienate yourself from the very people who are doing the work to bring change to the world. Might be worth thinking about before you go crashing around the internet any further. On this site alone there are 300 or more information articles, all written in my spare time. Our book makes all of our guidance available for a fraction of what it would cost you to go to a solicitor. And if you read properly you will see what we are doing to tackle CAFCASS too. Less lashing out, more time to take things in properly is my advice, it will get you a lot further.

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      1. And a word to the wise – read less Childress it will stop you alienating yourself from the people who can help you. Childress is a stirrer of desperate passions, he likes to convince you there is a conspiracy theory, there isn’t – Anna, upthread found that out too late sadly. Take heed of her words, she speaks truth.

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  12. Be on your way Julie, everyone who comes here is aware of my background and I still lead the way across the UK. You go and do your judgmental thing elsewhere, I wish you well.


  13. It is old news Julie and just because you find yourself outraged and indignant doesn’t mean that I have to wear sackcloth and ashes to please you.


  14. I apologise. I see what you mean. The fact still remains though, that there is desperately poor understanding in CAFCASS, the courts and social services. This is serious child abuse that affects the child throughout their lives and as such should be treated in the same way as any other form of child abuse. As it is, the alienating parent, in my experience, is supported by the court and CAFCASS. You will be aware of the restrictions on discussing my case and that is part of the problem. The alienation is also continuation of often years of abuse of the alienated parent.
    I don’t particularly care who realised the abuse. I do care that it has been known for so long. I do care about my children and all of the others who are suffering because it is so misunderstood by those claiming to have the best interest of the children at heart.
    This needs to be addressed at all levels. From courts through to schools. Everyone who has involvement with children should have a clear understanding of this form of child abuse and it should be reported. It needs to be headline news. I, for my part, intend to raise the issue with as many agencies as I possibly can.

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  15. Julie,

    I truly bleed tears for you. I know what you’re feeling. I really did once have great admiration for Childress, until I actually met him and had a con versatile with him via his group, and befan seeing how he treated other experts and his own supporters for nothing other than they mentioned their respect for a forensic psych or defended a few, asked rather valid and simplement questions that required no hostility from him whatsoever. I’m currently in communication with several others who have been let down by this “top tier” in the nation expert. I’ve seen him utilize his offered flying monkey concept with his very vehement worshippers (who actually attack other members for him, all being cruel and calling them NPDs, BPDs, Flying monkeys, “the enemy”, etc…a few were actually credible cases of evideoed (judicially ignored) alienation/abuse sufferers. One woman had been raped multiple times by her abuser who now has custody of her children, one the product of marital rape, which includes medical evidence of the sick brutality of a specific incident that sparked her separation, valid and unenforced protection orders, etc. Her children were simply not returned one day and she discovered he has swindled his way into convincing a judge she was mentally ill, using her psych therapy and legitimate TRAUMA from his abuse, sexual assaults, psych abuse, etc and obtained a temp order that turned into him convincing a judge to give him fill custody and her attacker full access, barring her from her daughters…..yes these are girls with a man who on record with injuries proving so….she was raped by this man! She was NOT a danger to her children and even passed multiple evals the judge ignored, never listening to her or even bothering to order hI’m a psych eval until much later, after they were already isolated and mostly alienated. Still did nothing about it, she now has supervised visits in a facility for an hour once a month! Despite the children displaying alarming behaviors of possible abuse (physical/sexual/psych). The judge deemed that expert a hack for quoting one of Childress’ offered explanations and offering suggestions provided by Childress in referencing the non 100% successful program of Ms. Pruter he creepily gushes over. Apparently some of the Childress offered statements as fact were quite untrue, leaving the judge upset, citing the expert as a quack because he believed Childress and Pruter as such and rattled off why (among these he cited his arrogance, his studies he refers to but never provides to his followers or other peers, his area of expertise, current ‘work’, etc). So she lost, is still at the same amt of corrupted, perverted time with her girls. This woman simply told her story to the group and asked Childress what she could do, asking him for advice….still seeking his guidance! He tried erasing her postings, and his berating her for choosing such an incompetent expert, to which she called Childress out defending the expert as he did quite well in using methods to make certain of the truth as much as poasible in these cases. That and the ruin of his reputation as an expert due to his own chance taking on Childress to advocate for his client. Needless to say Childress and his more extreme followers (who are willing to defend anything he does, right or wrong) to berate her as above, shaming and shunning her, calling her crazy, the enemy, a liar, a narc, an infiltator, etc. She was run out of the group and banned. Did I mention she’s suicidal? That she was suicidal when this all happened? I’ve seen her proof, it’s abundant. No question of her legitimacy. This is just one of many he’s let down or demonstrated/incited attacks, shunning, gaslighting, and verbally abusing upon being respectfully honest. She didn’t even mention the sexual violence. She said she figured what’s the point? He’s convinced and convinced everyone else I’m a liar. She felt offering that proof was too traumatizing for her and genuinely believed he would have been able to convince others it was somehow untrue given their radical dedication and loyaltly.

    My question is that if he’s somehow this nationally…nay…..he now claims worldwide ‘top tier/high caliber/best of the best/XYZ’ expert in trauma and dishonesty….how did he not see the obvious truth in this woman’s trauma, her subtle suicidal remarks and lack of self worth at all? How did he not at least err in the side of caution he may not be right? How did he miss this clearly traumatized, desperate woman now more isolated and lacking in self worth than ever??? Why immediately rush to berating her, Gaslighting her, etc? Then I saw why after my own letdown similarly regarding the rejection of help by very legitimate experts (respectfully) as soon as requests to follow Childress’ and Pruter’s recommended protocol….I saw why moreso when it happened to another. Then another, then another.

    I began fact checking, researching the validity of his claims, his insisting bs and degradation of fellow experts and what they have actually not said or done and tried to work WITH him, respected the work just not his manipulation and obvious self-serving agenda he’s pursuing off of the suffering of these parents, families, children. That his projected ’empathy’ is just that….projected, forced, mimicked. Buried underneath pretentious narcissistic behavior, grandiosity, attacks on other actually decent experts doing far more for the kids than he by directly working with them, modifying models and methods to improve similar work who haven’t said any of what Childress has claimed they say about him and his work and in fact have referred to his work prior to his attacks out of nowhere for offering other methods in other severities of alienation since his endorsed life coach Pruter and he turn down severe cases for this alleged 100% successful program since they feel ‘they’re not good candidates’. This is to preserve the nonexistent 100% success rate in the overpriced program. Yes nonexistent. Take the Tsimhoni Case. Both Childress and Pruter were involved and the children were actually evidenced to have been legitimate in their claims about their abusive father. The therapy has been deemed threat therapy, Dorcy telling the kids awfull things that will happen to them if they don’t do as she says and love, be kind to their father and essentially hateful of their alleged alienator mother. Whether this is true or not, the facts are that once the kids were transferred to their dad, no contact with mom, their grades and state of mind plummeted. They’re now back with their mother and have since reported no further issues and grades are back up as well as esteem. I’d recommend you pulling up the transcripts. Even if we dismiss the children’s claims as coached, the program was NOT successful, bringing down the success rate. Trust me, it was a blow to me as well when I was faced with this by respectful, successful and similarly working (not narcissistic) close to what Childress claims to. Except they’re applying their multiple methods rather than this indirect and singly insisted method Childress deems the ONLY successful method. One that apparently only caters to the lesser alienated children.

    I’m taking the time in writing this to you today so that you know where I and many others are coming from, so that hopefully you’re not let down so harshly or wasting energy on something that is potentially fatal to your own situation as a result of the same. At least fact check his claims, all potentials and be objective. Some of his work is helpful ajd valid, but it’s unfortunately misused by him for another more self serving purpose, for that I’m sorry for these people he’s harmed. I truly wish you and yours the best in the world forevermore and your circumstances change for you and your children for the better very soon.

    With love,


  16. Also, I want to disclose that Anna is not my real name. I’ve received multiple death threats from the more radical and dangerously loyal worshipper followers of Childress. One I suspect works closely to or is Childress himself, although I cannot prove it given they have hidden their identity and origins of the threats quite well. Although it remarkably resembled the patterns and behaviors of Childress’ way of speech. There are radicals that behave similarly as well, so it was tough to find out for certain.

    Personally I find him dangerous, dishonest, manipulative and in many ways cruel for his exploitation and lies he’s told all these parents who are risking theor children in defending him or citing his work to other experts or officials. Other than that I think he could have been more successful had he been more honest in his approach, less arrogant, less selfish in his work in genuinely looming out for these kids. I can only hope he miraculously looks himself in the mirror as well as his protégé Dorcy, realize their actual behavior and harm rhey do cause their own supporters and children by being too self-admiring, self-promoting and the aforementioned. I do hope that they are able to make a positive impact for these kids and families in the long run, but ethically…. without hurting anyone else or depriving them of any hope with their false claims or stolen material, etc to do so.


    1. Yes, I was unable to travel to the US this year because of the threats I received, I do not think that the outside world truly realises what harm is being done.


    2. Anna you have pretty much described my situation. All I want is for the experts to work together to unmask this form of abuse. There are millions of children around the world who are being psychologically abused. So many parents commit suicide.


  17. I heard that his Alliance group is deteriorating due to the fact he among Dorcy and her assistant have been INVITING and OFFERING POSITIONS within their ‘guaranteed’ coach program. These folks are proven alienators/abusers. Current heroine addicts and child abusers. They’ve been brought evidence upon evidence of it. Childress, Dorcy, her assistant (the ones in control of the online forum). You know what they tell those people once they’re revictimized and retraumatized by their abusers and their attacks upon then by spreading blatant bs, going from person to person they’ve seen these ppl talk to, etc? Once shown the proof of these sick alienators with access to abuse the kids, physical and psych evidence of their abuses of the kids, these exes and their spouses? They were told it’s not a ‘support’ group it’s a ‘solutions’ group. They REFUSED to ban or block these clearly currently sick and deranged individuals they claim to be so disturbed by! They said they need to ignore it or you’ve been so traumatized all over again because you need our expensive programs to have these tools you don’t have and now need only we can providentify for all the money you don’t have! So when this was challenged as a form of exploitation of abuse, given they vowed to ‘save’ all these suffering parents and children, yet allowed and encouraged further abuse, KNOWING full well the scope of that abuse with EVIDENCE, they turned on their faithful but now questioning supporters. So these few tried to post the proof, all of it. Because one of these abusers is currently ON HEROINE and Childress and Pruter invited this abuser to WORK FOR THEM!!! WITH EVIDENCE AGAINST THIS PERSON AND THEIR ABUSE OF CHILDREN AND THEIR FAMILY! So what did Childress, Dorcy and her assistant do? They banned not only these victims and loyal supporters of theirs, but their network of friends who came forward with similar instances given their posts were repeatedly deleted by Childress & Co. I will NEVER give that “man” or that “woman” or anyone backing them and committing these horrible actions upon victims of abuse, further endangering the CHILDREN MOST OF ALL…any further benefit of the doubt. They are far worse than even I could fathom from before, where I just thought they were stupid and reckless.

    Now that I’ve seen all this evidence and their response to it, that’s more than enough proof to me they are very much cold and calculated. Sick and disturbing bunch of people. I pity any other person who falls within this trap because it not only appears they are more than willing to put people and their CHILDREN in blatant danger, then fight on excusing and JUSTIFYING it for “solutions”, “research”, “Business” I don’t give a damn, it’s WRONG. A zillion percent WRONG no matter how many excuses they provide. I’ve seen it for myself and that man IS mist definitely dangerous and could well be on his way to aiding in a murder of a child, parent or both by his own selfishness, aim for legacy and image, and blatant game he’s using all his faithful victim supporters to get away with.

    There’s no further plausible deniability I can offer that man and his “associates”. They’re sicker than those who abuse because of the fact they KNOW it’s happening, that it’s wrong, and most of all they are purposely taking the abuser’s side because of MONEY and they don’t even CARE about the kids. Just in how much they can make it LOOK like their version of alienation or how they can enable and aid the victim’s VIOLENT abusers to further harm so they can say these poor souls NEED their “magical programs” to fix everything.

    I mean that is horrible and foul in my eyes. I pity those who fall for his bs more than ever knowing that and God help those who refuse to admit or see the proof for themselves. It really doesn’t take a whole lot of work at all to find the truth. I’m sorry but the man shouldn’t be allowed to even call himself an expert not even a former expert. Shame on him and his pet of a partners that may actually be a whole lot worse if not at least as bad. It was deeply disturbing before finding out what I had before, but this is far more disturbing. I truly hope even the kindest of the traumatized proceed with extremember caution trusting this “man” or his favorites he is close with before trusting him completely to save your children. Please. He’s going to be responsible for deaths…preventable ones…if he’s not already. Yes. That makes me mad knowing he’s not only preying on these people but ENABLING and DIRECTING these abusers to further abuse. It’s sick. So sick. He deserves to be in prison along with his associates aiding in this as far as I’m concerned. And several others who have proven it. Maybe one day he will be. One can only hope for the sake of all these children and their victimized relatives he’s got his eyes on. If anyone here is against abuse of children, have dealt with the abuse of their children by their abuser, I beg you, PLEASE at least do your research at least. Cover everything FIRST before entrusting this sick piece of garbage with your childs future.


  18. There’s an old saying that if you are the smartest person in the room then you are in the wrong room. I don’t know whether Dr. C actually walked into this blog “room” but if he did I’m sure he had the wisdom to walk out, and I applaud him for that. It’s my opinion that he’s just smarter than you in many ways and thus you will be limited in understanding the blessing he is.


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