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Christmas Eve is the hardest time of the year for so many families, the day when children and lost loved ones are close in our hearts and minds and missing grows stronger and suffering deepens.

The light of love for families all over the world is what carries us through these dark days. In each one of us who does this work, in each parent who suffers and transmogrifies that suffering to help others,  in every person who understands the pain which is caused by the loss of a child still living, there is a strong beam of light transmitting love.  That strong beam is what brings children home, however long it takes.  The determination in their parent, to keep tending the fires which keep the beam strong is what children rely upon.

Children in situations where a parent is unhappy, angry, distorted in their thinking and unwell, will cleave to that parent as a survival instinct.  It is an inborn drive, it is all that they can do.  Their rejection of you is not personal, it is not done to hurt you, it is done to survive the stormy seas they are sailing on in their rickety little boats.  Children held captive by a parent’s mind can do nothing else but chart those seas as best they can.  In doing so they seek your light, seeing it keeps them going, even if they cannot reach you yet.

To keep tending that light you need strength and to have strength you need to rest and recuperate in order to keep going.  Tonight, when the pain may feel too great, lay down your burden and rest.  Put it down.  Know that if you are going to keep going in 2018, you need to give something to yourself.  Everyone needs to rest sometimes, give yourself permission to do so.  If you cannot be with the ones you love, love the ones you can be with and even if there is no-one right by your side, know that there is a strong and loving community of families right here with you.

Tonight as I light the candles and tend the beam of my lighthouse, I will be sending out love around the world to all who suffer.  To those with whom we have worked this year, those who we could help and those we were unable to reach yet.  I will be resting and recovering strength ahead of the coming year so that we can keep doing what we do on on an even wider scale.

Because only when the lighthouses of love beam strongly right around the world, will the shadows of parental alienation be banished and the hearts of children be rightfully restored to the lives of their loved ones.

With love and light to all who tend the beam.